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Baazigar 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man lying to Siddhant that he gave poison to Arundhati, as she said her dad’s life is in danger. Siddhant thinks how can Aru do this and recalls Aarav’s words. He calls Awasthi and says I m coming to you tomorrow. Awasthi says good, you had to surrender some day. Aru is in secret room and hears Kailash’s voice. She gets shocked and lights flicker to scare her. She sees a laptop there and checks. She gets back and collides with an old box. She finds dolls representing all family members. She says these dolls are like family members and gets shocked seeing a mask. She recalls Aarav wearing that mask and runs outside.

Aarav asks Sahil to sleep. Sahil asks when will Siddhant come. Aarav says Siddhant has work and will come later, you sleep. Aarav asks Aru about the

will. She says I tried a lot to find it, but I did not get it, there is strange room and I heard Kailash’s voice, I felt like Kailash is calling me. Aarav asks why are you talking like mad. She says I m saying true. Padma says Kailash can’t talk to anyone now. Aru says I saw similar dolls, Parul showed me the way. Padma and Aarav call Aru mad and ask her to give will. Aarav says I will call doctor for you. She says I m fine, tell me where is Sahil, is he alive. Padma says he has slept. Aru goes to see Sahil and gets relieved seeing him fine.

Padma calls Aru mad and laughs. Aarav threatens Aru about Sahil. She says give me some time, I will get will. Aarav says this time, even Siddhant can’t save you. Siddhant goes to Awasthi and stops him from calling headquarters. Awasthi says I know you won’t lose so soon. Siddhant says I need to tell you something, I met the man who sold the poison, I got to know Trivedi family member is behind Kailash’s murder.

Radheshyam asks Padma about Sahil. Padma says he is Aarav’s friend’s son. She tells him what happened today, Aru is getting mad. Lawyer asks Aarav did you get will. Aarav says not yet, you said that will holder should meet magistrate. Lawyer says yes, if person is mentally ill, he needs mentally fit certificate from doctor, else he can’t claim on anything. Aarav picks Aru’s doll and says I made her mad by her love, now I will make her mad by fear, both Aru and Siddhant will be locked in jail.

Aru goes to the same dark room again and gets a file there. She gets tensed. Awasthi says if you are sure about this case, then continue investigation, be careful this time. Siddhant says yes, I will be very careful, thanks. Aru hears Kailash’s voice and worries. She asks who is it and shouts. Aarav comes to her and asks her why are you acting mad. She says there is someone in this room, someone was calling me by Kailash’s voice. Padma and Parul come there. Padma asks what happened. Aru says I heard Papa. Aarav says I did not hear anything.

Aru says this was second time. Aru says I m saying true. Aarav says you are educated, you think Kailash’s ghost is here. Padma says you are getting mad and need doctor. Aru says I m fine, why will I lie. She asks Parul to see them. Parul makes her sit and asks Aru to relax. She says I kept Shanti puja at home, your heart will get peace, you will do that puja. Aarav says Aru needs a psychiatrist. Aru says I don’t need any doctor, why will I say anything to prove myself mad, Parul trust me. Parul says yes, whats harm to talk to doctor once. Padma says we won’t get doctor now, I have medicine to calm mind’s tension. Aarav signs Padma.

Padma gives medicine to Aru. Parul asks her to have it. Aru takes the medicine. Siddhant calls Aru and says why is she not answering. A mask guy kidnaps Sahil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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