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The Episode starts with Sahil coming to secret room. Aarav takes him out and asks why did you come here. Sahil says I was not getting sleep, I want toys. Aru silently leaves. Aarav says I will get toys for you, but don’t go in that room, you go and rest, I will just come. He leaves. Aru sees Aarav’s childhood pic and recalls the birthday decorations. She says Aarav looks so innocent in this pic, he was a lovely kid, how did he become devil, he has preserved his 9th birthday memories, as if that day was very imp for him, as if something happened that day, there is some secret behind his dangerous face, which I don’t know.

Siddhant studies the case file. He sees Aru’s pic and smiles. He recalls their childhood. FB shows Siddhant complimenting Aru’s beauty. He calls Aru. She says I got

to see some strange things about Aarav’s past. She tells him everything. She says Aarav has no emotions, he has hatred in him, he just captured those memories, I think there is some secret. Siddhant asks her to think who can help her, be careful, crime branch got to know my innocence, they understood I did this for truth, I started working on case again, I will get Aarav punished. She ends call. Siddhant smiles thinking of her.

Its morning, Aru thinks whom shall I ask about that room’s secret. Parul asks how are you. Aru says I m fine, I want to ask something, I m part of this family, I feel I don’t know much of this family, I don’t know Aarav well, whats the secret of Aarav’s 9th birthday. Parul gets shocked. Aarav comes there. Parul asks what will be the secret, nothing happened, it was normal birthday, Aarav says right, you got mad and making us mad, you stop thinking this. She goes angrily.

Aru goes to Radheshyam and he drinks. She asks him what happened in Aarav’s 9th birthday. He says I could not forget that day, our status is same in this house, don’t expect that anyone will tell you secrets easily, I will tell you about Aarav’s past life. Aru says tell me. Padma and Aarav come and stop them. Padma asks Aru what are you asking my husband, he is drunkard and useless, what will he tell you, what do you want to know, about this house and family, ask me, I will tell you everything. Aru goes.

Aarav catches Aru and asks what was she asking about him, does she still love him. He blinks his eyes and holds her against the wall angrily, you don’t try to look into my past, else you will become past, you are proving to be mad for the world, you can truly get mad. He laughs and goes. She says I will not keep quiet, I will find out what happened in your 9th birthday.

Aru hears Aarav telling a story to Sahil, and saying his mum used to tell this story to him. Aru sees Aarav’s normal side and gets puzzled. She thinks whats this avatar, he becomes so bad with the world and became a kid infront of a kid. She goes and thinks I can’t go to that room again. The lights go. She sees Aarav sleeping and goes to that room again. She says what happened here and checks things. Dadi comes and says Aru…. Aru gets shocked seeing Dadi.

Dadi asks what are you doing here, what do you want. Aru says I want to know the secret of this room, what happened with Aarav on his 9th birthday. Dadi asks why, no one can talk about that day. Aru asks what, it means something wrong happened with Aarav, please tell me Dadi, why is this hidden from me. Dadi cries and says something happened that has changed Aarav, he was not like this before. Aru says please Dadi tell me, its imp for me to know, I loved Aarav, I want to know why did he change, there is something which made him such, Dadi please tell me.

Dadi says no, I can’t tell this now, Aarav was not like this. Aru asks why, tell me. Dadi goes. Aru says I have to find out what happened with Aarav. Its morning, Sahil and Aarav wake up. Sahil gets a gift and says my birthday is coming. Aarav opens the gift box and sees his childhood toy car. He thinks how did this car come here and asks Sahil how did he get this, did you go to that room. Sahil says no, I just woke up, it was kept here. Aarav asks who gave this to you.

Aru says I gave him. She asks Sahil to go out and play. Sahil says no. Aarav asks Sahil to go. Sahil goes. Aru asks what happened, its ordinary toy car. Aarav says its not an ordinary toy car, its my childhood…. Aru asks what were you saying. He asks where did you get this, maybe I kept this somewhere. She says no, I got it from the room where your 9th birthday stopped with time. He says there is no such room, you are going mad. She says there is that room where your memories are stopped, you are mad to take past along, truth won’t change, something is there which you are hiding. Aarav says what nonsense. He gets angry and asks her not to look into that room.

Aru says everyone knows what happened on your 9th birthday. Aarav goes to that room and screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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