Baazigar 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav starting at the girl Naina. The guy says its not easy to get Naina. Aarav says I don’t like easy things, I love challenges. Aarav goes to Naina. She says its not easy to get me. He asks what do I have to do. She says you have to kiss me. He asks kiss. She says lip to lip kiss, infront of everyone and my husband too. He looks at her husband dancing there, and asks do you know swimming, what can you do for my kiss. She says anyone. He pushes her in the pool. He says she fell, I think she does not know swimming. He gets her and she winks to him. Naina’s husband Rahul asks her is she fine. Aarav says I think water went in her mouth, she needs CPR. He moves Rahul away and kisses her.

He winks to Naina. She holds his hand and says Aarav, I will come with you tonight. Rahul

asks what are you saying Naina. Aarav asks will you break your marriage for one night. She says anything. Aarav takes her. A guy says Aarav never loses.

Manjunath says I did everything what pandit ji said, why did this happened. Renuka says Aarav intentionally did this, call Ashwin and ask did he talk to Kailash. Aru cries. A girl says Kailashnath has come. Manjunath and Renuka go out and meet Kailashnatth and his wife. Kailash greets Manjunath and says we don’t know anything why did this happen, Aarav did not tell us anything, I feel ashamed of his doings, I m sorry. Manjunath says forgiveness is for mistakes, not a crime, your son did a crime, why did Aarav do this. Kailash says I know what you are going through. Manjunath scolds him. Ashwin, and others reach home.

Ashwin scolds Kailash for coming here to insult them. Parul apologizes. Kailash says we did not know Aarav will fall so low, we are ashamed. Ashwin asks what will happen if you are ashamed, will our respect come back, will Aru’s wounds heal, Aarav insulted Aru infront of everyone, why, Aarav’s family was there in every ritual and you all sent just Aarav in marriage to humiliate us, why did you do this. Ashwin cries. Dadi Bua says Aarav acted as if its all Aru’s mistake. Kailash says its not Aru’s mistake. Parul says trust us, we were waiting to make Aru our bride. Dadi Bua says you have left dogs on us, don’t know how would you keep Aru as bride there. Kailash gets shocked and asks what. Ashwin asks him not to act. Kailash says trust me, we did not know Aarav will come alone. He sees Aru’s shattered state. Kailash and Parul cry seeing Aru.

Kailash apologizes to Aru. He asys we felt Aarav will change after getting a good valued girl like you. Parul says but he ruined everything, forgive us and cries. Kailash says whatever Aarav did, I m his father and I promise if anyone comes as our bahu, it will be just you. Aru’s family gets shocked. Kailash swears on Aru. Aru cries. Kailash and Parul leave.

Padma dances happily with her husband. She says I m glad as Aarav did not marry Aru, that girl can make father-son relation get fine, which I do not want. He says you are very clever. She asks him to massage his head. He jokes. Rishi comes and sees them drinking wine and partying. Rishi asks them to have some shame. Padma scolds him for talking like this. Rishi says I came to inform that Mama ji is very angry, he can come upstairs anytime. Rishi’s dad thanks him and cleans the stuff fast. Kailash and Parul come there, and see Padma and her husband Kartik praying. Kailash asks Kartik to go downstairs. Kartik signs to Padma and leaves.

Kailash asks Padma whats happening, don’t act now, tell me truth, why did you leave dog on Aru’s family. Rishi gets shocked.

Padma lies that Aarav has left dog on them, I have fired the guard, does this happen anywhere. Kailash says I will see how long Aarav drags this game, I know him, I have to show him who is father and who is son, I will end this game. He goes. Padma says I don’t want this hatred between father-son to get less. Aru’s mum asks Aru to open the door and worries. She asks Ashwin to check. Ashwin asks Aru to listen.

Aru’s mum asks her to atleast have food. Aru refuses and cries seeing her and Aarav’s pic. Aru’s mum asks her to have tea, as she gets headache without it. Aru recalls going on tea date with Aarav. She asks him to stop car near the tea stall. He suggests five star hotel. She says real fun to have tea is here. He talks to the kid at the stall. They drink tea. He flirts with her. More piya……plays………… He asks shall I think of this as your yes for our marriage? She smiles. FB ends. Aru cries recalling Aarav breaking the marriage. She thinks why did Aarav do this.

A man informs Aarav that Kailash is finding you. Kailash asks the guards to break the door. Aarav leaves and messages Aru. Aru gets glad and shows message to Ashwin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vatsal kithna cute .use villian math banana .I can’t watch.o hamesha hero hi hona chahiye

  2. nice serial .but don’t know y arav is taking revenge on aru.good acting by Ishitha dutt

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