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Baazigar 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav making Aru have the curd and sugar. He says I m trying to be fair, may the best woman or man win. He smiles. Aru takes blessings of elders. She leaves. Aarav asks Padma to come along. Padma says I knew you will need my help, afterall I m so smart. He asks her to apply oil to her head. She says I just wanted to help you. He asks what will you get my helping me. She says I will get your happiness. He asks really. She says you tell me, why did you save Aru when she was falling from stairs. He says she would have just got some broken bones, I will hurt her that her wound won’t heal. She smiles.

Aru goes to meet the man, and the man flirts with her. She asks him to vacate the land, else police will kick them out. He laughs and says you are beautiful and this attitude does

not suit you, you are saying as if this land is of your dad. She asks him not to take her dad’s name. He says I m scared and laughs. He asks who are you, owner is not here. She says you illegally took the land, you can go to jail, see the municipality letter. He tears that and says I don’t value papers, I will tear your attitude same way by ruining your respect. He calls his goons to come and laughs. The goons tease Aru and try to molest her. She pushes them and ask them to leave her.

Aarav comes there and goon says you made entry on right time boss. Aarav smiles and beats goons, asking her why did she come, I had to come to save a girl here, I told you not to take challenge, you did not hear me. He sees the marks on her hand and says I took hero’s entry, just remember next time this hero won’t come to save you, you were going to ruin family name. He leaves.

Aru comes home. Aarav tells everyone how he had doubt that something wrong with happen, what will happen if we send girls for such work, madam wanted to become Jhansi Ki Rani. Badri says if anything happened with Aru, she would have not shown her face to anyone, this family would have thrown her out and not permit to step inside house, thanks to Aarav, he saved you on time. Aarav says your bahu lost in first step and could not get that land, I told you Aru, that men should do men’s work, show me your wound.

Kailash asks Aarav not to trouble Aru. He asks Aru to not worry, its big thing that she got saved. Later, Aru goes to confront Aarav. Aarav says think if I did not come, what would goons do of you. She says no need to give importance to yourself, I would have saved myself. He says you deserved this. She says time will show who deserved what.

Badri calls someone and says its happening as per our plan, he will get trapped in our plan and get ruined. He laughs. Aarav is sleeping. Aru thinks whether Aarav did all this, maybe he called the goons. She checks his phone and sees Aarav’s call to goon.

Badri says whatever happened is over, Aru did not pass in one chance, if we give her chance again, our business will get down, Aru could not get land, if goons did anything wrong with her, we could have not shown our face to anyone. Padma says its good Aarav saved Aru’s respect. Kailash says stop it Padma. He asks Parul where is Aru. Parul says don’t know, did Aarav see her, I think she broke down. Aarav says she would be ashamed of losing.

Aru walks in with police. Police brings those goons by arresting them. Aru tells Kailash that these goon s misbehaved with me and then run away. Inspector says your bahu helped us in arresting them, someone told them to attack on your bahu, and gave big amount. Kailash asks who can do this. Aru says don’t know, maybe someone who is close and hates me a lot. She looks at Aarav.

Inspector says Aru filed FIR, once we know who hired the goons, we will arrest him and punish well, woman’s complaint is enough in such cases. Aarav thinks how did Aru know this, she can put me in trouble. Padma thinks Aarav did this, I know him well. Kailash looks at Aarav.

Kailash scolds the goon and asks who gave you money, tell me the name. The goon sees Aarav and says no one. Aru says real culprit is someone else.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loving the face off between aarav and aru…aarav’s expression when he loses is worth watching but vatsal truly rocks. Liking the strong aru… Baazigar rocks but still crave to see aarav’s positive side

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      yeah even i wanna see him in positive role even though i saw him in negative role and used to it it will be interesting to see his positive side and i also like this show

  2. Me too wanna see aarav’s positive side. Nd the episode is too good

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