Baazigar 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru challenging Aarav to finish the kheer. Aarav finishes the kheer at one go and impresses Badri. He tells Badri that women eat from husband’s plate in village, even our family women do that. Badri says that’s our culture. Padma says we will do that. Aarav says this way, women are kept under control. Everyone sit to have food from their husband’s plate. Badri says I want to talk to family. Aarav smiles seeing Aru eating food in his plate. He asks her to have food by his leftover plate. He asks her to see what happens next.

Badri tells about his food processing unit plan, he will sell his products outside and this can be beneficial for his village too, he wants Aarav to manage the work. He asks Aarav will he become partner. Aarav says plan is good, but I have no interest

in agriculture things. Kailash asks Badri to do partnership with Aru. Badri asks are you mad, bahus can just make tea, she can’t manage business. Kailash says you don’t know, she is best in household work and also in studies, I m sure she will manage business well, I trust her, she will name our family name shine.

Aarav says Aru is ordinary school teacher, they don’t know business, she is a woman afterall. Aru says school teacher places foundation of children’s future, gives them good teachings, I m educated, I should also get this chance, till Badri gives chance to woman, how will he know that woman is equal to man. Badri says this deal is tough, Aru can’t do this. Aarav says we will give her a chance, lets see how can she get equal to us. Badri says fine, she should get a chance. Aarav says its easy thing for me, if I get a chance then…. Aru says why not, husband and wife should get equal chance. Badri says fine, Aru and Aarav will try, the one whose deal gets more profit will win. Kailash asks who will get land permission. Aarav says we will toss for this. Aru agrees. Aarav tosses the coin and Aru wins. She smiles.

Badri says Aru will get first chance, lets see who proves out to be real Baazigar. Aarav goes to room and makes a scoreboard ready. She asks whats this acting. He says this is our challenge’s report card, we will note our points there. She says fine, I feel your column will stay empty, be prepared. He asks do you know whom are you challenging, and draws devil horns to his pics. She draws Swastik over her pic and says devil can think bad, but good wins over evil always. She says we will see.

Padma says I got sidelined, its big deal, I wanted this deal, but Aru is getting the deal. Maid says you tell Aarav to take you. Padma says he won’t listen to me, life is not easy, but I have an idea, if I help Aarav in winning, it will be help to me too, I will get money, I have to keep an eye on Aru.

Aru talks to lawyer. Padma goes to them and tries to hear. She goes and puts oil on the stairs. She says Aru this path is not easy. Aru walks downstairs and slips b y the oil. Aarav holds Aru. He asks her to think if I drop you, where will you be. Padma gets angry seeing them and goes. Arv picks her file and says I know, its your game to make person fall and then help, I won’t fall so low. Aarav says when person’s time is bad, everything goes wrong. She says what can be more wrong now, all my fears ended. Her dupatta gets stuck and asks him to leave her. He says I left you, I did mistake before, you came here as uninvited guest, I m bearing you here. She leaves.

Everyone see Aru leaving. Badri tells Aru that this work is not so easy, I tried to get this land many times, but could not, it will be miracle if the land owner gets a change of heart. She says miracles will happen. Kailash says take security awards along, the men are goons and it can risk your life. Aarav says this is cheating, Aru has to do this work alone. Badri agrees and says Aru should go alone. Parul and Rishi say it won’t be good if Aru goes alone. Aarav asks why are you silent Aru, you forgot you are a weak girl. He tells her that she can’t win this challenge, better accept failure. She jokes on him and smiles.

Aru gives the man 24 hours to vacate the land. The man tears the papers and says I will ruin your respect now. The goons catch Aru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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