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Baazigar 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru preparing food for Badri. Aarav comes there to trouble her. He says she can’t put onion in food. She says you can put onion and blame me. He says I did not come to flirt, I came to say about ritual, I will send you back chana and black crows outside havan room, don’t forget. She says I will ask this to Badri. He says as you wish and goes. She asks maid not to go out of kitchen, if Aarav does anything, blame will be on you. Maid asks whats flirt. Aru asks her to just work.

Padma and Radheshyam talk about Badri’s anger. Padma stops Aru from going to Badri’s room. Aru says I came to ask Badri about fast. Padma says women can’t enter his room. Aru says fine, I will ask from here. Padma says he gets much angry, do as you want. She goes. Aru knocks door and asks Badri

about black chana ritual for black crows, I asked to confirm. Badri says you have to feed it to dogs, you and your husband are fools. Aru thinks Aarav was lying to me. She goes.

Aarav comes out of the room and smiles, as he fooled Aru by talking in Badri’s voice. Parul asks Aarav did Badri come from market. Aarav says not yet. Parul asks Rishi not to do mistake in havan arrangements. Rishi asks her not to worry. Aru cooks food. She sees Aarav and eats apple reminding him of fast. He smiles thinking you will know you deserve to be here, or not. He eats chocolate and laughs saying fast. He reads mantra by seeing it written on his hand. Badri comes and praises him. Rishi asks Kailash how did Aarav so soon, I think something is fishy. Badri asks Aarav to chant mantra, and does he remember what he said. Aarav says yes. He gives black chana to Aarav. Aru says I have to feed black chana to dog and goes. Padma gets doubt.

Aru gets dog and feeds black chana. Badri gets shocked and angry. He scolds Aru and asks what did you do, I told you to feed black chana to crows. He asks Aarav what did he say. Aarav says I told her to feed chana to crow. Aru says but Badri told me to feed dog. He calls her fool and says you ruined my prayers, crow is like our ancestors, you made them upset. He asks Kailash for getting such bahu. Kailash says you may be mistaken, Aru was cooking food for you. Badri says I won’t have water by her hands, she will be punished, she will stay at terrace today. Aru cries and sees Aarav. He smiles.

Aru thinks where did the bed go, and sees water on the floor and stool. He makes her sit on the stool and shows the electric current in water. Aarav smiles and says no sweet dreams, when you feel sleepy and fall, you will get this current, you will break down, good night. She gets worried.

Aarav thinks to go and check, if Aru alive or dead. Aru sits fine, and Aarav comes there. She asks did he not get sleep. He says I m impressed. She says your games are very small, increase your level, I will not lose so soon, have a good day.

Its morning, Badri wakes up early and gargles. Everyone wake up and come out. Aarav says disgusting, he is illiterate. Badri asks what are they seeing like this, village wakes up by my gargle, go and freshen up, I will make desi food for you all. Aarav sees Aru there. Aru smiles and thinks now it will be fun.

Everyone sit to have food. Badri says women can’t be equal to men. Aarav says what a bad food, I don’t feel like having it. Parul asks Aru to serve kheer. Aru says Badri did not forgive me, he will be annoyed. Parul says nothing will happen. Kailash likes the food. Badri scolds Aru for coming infront of her. Kailash says forgive her. Aru apologizes. Badri asks her to serve kheer. She tells Badri that Aarav said he will finish kheer. Padma says Aarav will eat kheer alone. Badri says he is Trivedi family man, he can eat kheer. Aru challenges Aarav to porve his manhood and smiles.

Aarav says Aru is small school teacher, she doesn’t know business. She says woman can be equal to man. Badri says lets see who manages business well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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