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Baazigar 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kailash saying Maa has gone to Kashi to do some puja. Parul asks Badri to have food, its made without garlic and onion, and water has tulsi, what happened, are you still annoyed with children. Kailash asks where is Aru. Parul says I will go and call her. Badri says no one will go, I want to see her values, how she respects elders. Aarav smiles. Aru finds cupboard locked. Aarav shouts to her, asking her to come fast and meet Badri. Aru says I know Aarav did this cheap trick to make me fall in Badri’s eyes, what shall I do now.

Badri asks Kailash what type of bahu did he get, who does not respect elders, why did you call me here, I was fine at my home. Ahana says I will go and check. Badri scolds her for not talking in their language, and taunts Kailash for not giving values

to children. Padma says you are right, I don’t talk in English. Badri scolds Radheshyam for being Ghar jamai, it’s a bad word for men, I know my words won’t affect you. He asks Padma to call bahu, I will teach her values which her inlaws could not teach her. Padma and everyone get shocked seeing Aru coming. They see Aru wearing Aarav’s clothes.

Badri says I had to just see bahu and daughters wearing such clothes here, I m Aru’s Dada Sasur, she should have atleast thought of my age. He taunts Kailash for choosing such bahu. Aru sees Aarav smiling. Aru says forgive me, I have worn this by Aarav’s wish. Aarav gets shocked and asks why are you lying. Aru takes cupboard keys from his pocket and asks shall I say truth. She says Aarav told me to wear these clothes if I truly love him, what could I do.

Badri says what can we do now, if Aarav is wrong, how can we blame Aru, is this Kailash’s upbringing. He says we have to do Aarav’s shuddikaran, Aarav has to keep fast along with me. Aru smiles. Aarav asks meaning. Badri says you can’t even drink water, you can’t wear jeans and shirt, you have to wear Indian clothes. He asks Parul to give dhoti kurta to Aarav, then he will get Indian culture and good thinking. Aarav goes. Badri asks Aru does she want to get scolding. She says no. He shouts asking her to go and change clothes.

Aarav sees calendar and checks date. Aru comes there and he asks her why did she do this, does she think she is smart. She says I did this to answer you. He says I do what I find right. She asks him to do anything he wants and she will do what she wants. She goes.

Kailash asks Aru not to feel bad of Badri’s words. She says I understand. He says I liked how you answered Aarav. She says I did not like talking to Badri like that. He says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Parul gives the traditional clothes for Aarav. Aru says its tough, but he will wear. Parul asks will you cook Badri’s food. Aru says yes. Parul says Badri got annoyed and he will forget everything having great food made by you.

Aarav burns the pic. Aru comes there and stops him. she asks him to stop it. She takes cigarette from his hands. He stops Badri and Aru hides cigarette. Aarav asks about fast. Badri asks him to first change clothes and come to his room, look at Aru, she looks good in Indian clothes. Aarav asks him are you annoyed with Aru, you can give Prasad to Aru. Badri calls Aru to come and take Prasad. She holds burning cigarette in her hand. Badri says some smell is coming. She says yes, and gets Aarav’s dirty shoes.

Aarav says no, I think someone is smoking here. Aru says maybe servants, I will go and see. Aarav says leave it, take Prasad by your hands. She says my hands are dirty. Badri asks her to go and wash hands. She washes hands and come, to take Prasad. Badri asks how did her hand burn. He says I was lighting diya in temple and my hand burnt. Badri scolds Aarav and asks him to learn from Aru. Aru says I kept Aarav’s clothes and leaves. Badri asks Aarav to keep 15 mins silence, and then he has to make Aru feed black crows. He says we have to do dosh nivaran. He leaves. Aarav gets angry and gets an idea. He says Aru, see what I do now.

Aru feeds the dog, and Badri scolds her saying she will be punished for this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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