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Baazigar 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav getting dizzy. He holds his head and falls asleep. Aru wakes up and smiles. She says Aarav will think how he has drunk the drugged glass. Its morning, Aru goes to do puja and everyone join. Padma asks maid to wake up Aarav, if uncle comes and does not see Aarav, he will be angry. She acts good to Aru. Kailash says Padmini said right, Aru is great, Aarav does not come to temple, anyways we will start puja. Everyone rush to see Aarav after hearing about him. they all see Aarav sleeping in pool and ask him to get up, what happened to him. Maid says I don’t know, when I came to call him, I saw him lying in bathroom tub. Aru wakes up Aarav. Aarav gets shocked finding himself in the tub. Aru smiles. He recalls the night and he made Aru like in the tub. She asks him how did he

like her plan.

Padma asks Aru about Aarav, what happened yesterday night, why did Aarav sleep there, is he in happy shock, did he got much drunk. Parul says Aarav can drink a lot, but did not sleep in bathroom ever. Padma says that’s what I m saying, and asks Aru to say. Aru says Aarav did not drink wine yesterday. Padma asks then its true that Aru shifted Aarav to bathroom. Aru taunts her. Parul smiles.

Aru laughs and says Aarav got much romantic, he held my hand and hugged me. She gets shy and cooks a fake story. Padma gets shocked. Parul says I felt you both fought again. Aru says nothing like that. Parul asks her to go and tell Aarav to get ready soon. Aru leaves. Padma says this is wrong, uncle is coming, he will spoil everything, we will book his return ticket.

Aarav plays guitar. Aru comes to the room. He gets angry seeing her. He says you are smart. She says from childhood, you underestimated me. He says it depends, glasses got mixed, how did you know which glass had drugs. She says because of you.. you offered me the milk glass knowing I can’t take anything by your hands, that’s why I picked the table glass, which had drugs in it, my guess could have been wrong but…. I learnt to read your eyes, then I acted to shuffle the glass and keep the drugged milk glass at my side, knowing you will pick that one, my guess worked, you know what happened next, anyways drink milk. He looks at the other glass. She asks are you doubting that there is something in this. She smiles and says I will do one thing. She drinks the milk and asks him to have it now. She keeps both glasses and asks what will be your next move. He throws the table and holds her, twisting her hand. He scolds her and says my family will support me to kick you out in one month.

Parul asks Ahana to wear salwar kameez. She sends Ahana to change. Aru offers help. Parul asks her to get ready, Badri uncle is coming, make food for him, he is coming alone, he is Brahmacharya, don’t touch his feet, just greet from far. She asks Aru to wear this saree, and don’t forget to have sindoor and mangalsutra. Aarav hears them and asks Parul not to worry. Parul says uncle is coming to bless you, so get ready fast. Aru asks Aarav to go out, she has to change. He spoils her dress by putting coffee and she argues with him. she goes to change and he hides the saree, saying I will see how Badri spares Aru today when she does not wear the saree.

Everyone welcome Badri and is scared of him. Badri blesses everyone. He signs Aarav to go back. Parul asks why is he not saying anything. The man says its Rahukaal going on, he will speak in 10 secs. Badri says Rahukaal ended and talks to Kailash. He asks did you give these values to them, where is Indian culture. He scolds Padma for touching his feet, he is Brahmachari. He asks Radheshyam to take his wife and go. He tells Aarav to take blessings along with his wife, not alone. Aru sees the saree gone, and think where did saree go. She finds cupboard locked. Aarav says Aru would be coming, and they wait for her.

Badri says we are waiting for Aru. Aru comes dressed in Aarav’s clothes. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nehle pe dehla to Mr. baazigar rocked today. Loving the episodes. Waiting for the next epi

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