Baazigar 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav aiming gun at Aru. He calls Siddhant and asks him where is he, Sahil is here, Aru was shooting at me and could hurt Sahil too, but I saved Sahil. Siddhant says I m coming to take Sahil. Aarav says no need, you can meet your GF and Sahil later, you have to do my work. Siddhant asks what. Aarav stares at Aru.

Later, Sahil eats cake and Aarav smiles being with him. Sahil asks are you watching any funny cartoon. Aarav says I m seeing funny video. Sahil says I also want to see. Aarav says you are very young, I will get another video for you, have cake. Aru sees video of Siddhant getting beaten up. Aarav holds her hand.

Aarav says you can watch this video. She gets shocked seeing Siddhant’s bad state. Aarav calls his goons and talks to Siddhant. She asks Siddhant

to tell Sahil to be with Aarav uncle till you come. Sahil talks to Siddhant. Siddhant asks Sahil how is he. Sahil says I m fine, Aarav uncle is really nice, I m having fun. Siddhant asks Sahil to be there till he comes. Sahil agrees. Aarav says that’s like a good boy. Aru gets angry.

Sahil sleeps in Aarav’s lap. Aarav tells a story of devil to him. The goons inform Aarav that they have beaten Siddhant a lot, he would have forgotten his own name now. Aarav ends call and sits with Sahil. Aru thinks its risky for Sahil to be with Aarav, Siddhant will not come, so I have to free Sahil.

Aarav goes to secret room and opens some trunk. He gets a doll. Aru thinks to convince Sahil to take him away from Aarav. She asks him to come and play with her. Aarav says Siddhant you are gone, and Dadi you are nearly dying, what will I do with you now. Aru asks Sahil to come. Sahil refuses and says you will beat me, I will go with Aarav, he is superhero. Aru tells him that Siddhant and she used to study in same school and were friends. She says you are lying, Aarav is Siddhant’s friend, he asked me not to listen to anyone here.

Aru says fine, don’t play with me, I will play with my big ball and you play here with little ball, I think you don’t know to play with big ball. He asks is it huge as elephant. She says bigger than elephant and smiles. She hears gunshot and asks Sahil to play. She goes out and sees Aarav. He asks Dadi to immerse Kailash’s ashes, I did all arrangements there, you do shanti puja. Parul says son does immersion of father’s ashes. Dadi asks why are you saying this. Aarav says its time for you to go from this house, and Badri will go along you. Padma asks what all this. He asks do you also want to go. Padma says no. Aarav asks them to go and pack bags, they have flight to Banaras in two hours. Aru hears them and asks Sahil to come with her. Sahil asks for big ball. Aru says yes, I have it in garden. Aarav sees Badri leaving. Badri says you can’t get free of me so soon. Aarav tells him pandit’s prediction to reach Banaras on time, else it will be destruction, there is much more to happen and less people here are fine.

Aarav tells game rules to Sahil and asks him to sit in this basket and not make any sound. Sahil asks where is your basket. She says I m big, so another basket is coming for me, hurry up and sit. Sahil gets inside basket. She asks him not to make noise and not come out till she comes. She thinks to take Sahil to some safe place. Dadi is leaving and asks Aarav what do you want to go, take care, I always worry for you. Aru stops Dadi and says I will also drop you at airport, this basket has items for ashes immersion. She makes servant keep basket in the car. Aarav looks on. Servant says there is no place in the car. Dadi asks Aru to come in other car, we want to leave early. Aru says fine. Dadi leaves in the car. Aru thinks to take Sahil out and then she will manage.

Siddhant goes to Somit’s house and says I will find clues against Aarav first and then surrender to police. Somit says you won’t agree, I care for you, but I have to do my duty now. He handcuffs Siddhant and ties him. Siddhant says try to understand, if I surrender to police, Aarav will make Sahil and Aru’s life hell. Aarav turns to go. Sahil comes out of the basket and says aunty you are cheating. Aru gets shocked. Aarav stops and sees Sahil. Sahil says you said you will be in other basket and play, you broke game rules, you are a liar. Sahil tells Aarav that aunty cheated, I won’t go with her. He stares at Aru.

Aarav asks Parul did Kailash told you about his will. Parul says no. Aarav asks where is Kailash’s will, maybe one person can tell me. He catches Aru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Change the track or stop airing the show. Too much negativity.

  2. Too much negativity…it kills …why don’t they show some twist and shows kailash I not killed and Arav also not killed his mother…and change the track… otherwise it’s unbearable to watch this serial.

  3. Perminder Virk

    Really unpleasant and nasty show.
    Sorry a bit late to show that.
    he has killed and now will kill his grandma and Badri.
    But a real coward he his.
    Hidding behind a child and using him as well.
    Please end this show and show him being punished.

  4. rekha vaghela

    Life OK had aired always torture. Me lakshmi tere angan ki, dream girl and now this. Never seeing any of the life OK serials again. Rajni and sajjan rocks though….

  5. mayurimalhotra

    writers should change the track.everybody wants the lovestory of aarav and aru ,not this evilness

  6. Yes we all want love story between them…change the track…somehow show some twists that Arav doesn’t killed his father and mother…I think there must be some twists

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