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Baazigar 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikki telling Tanvi that Aru is not at home. Tanvi says Aru is good valued, how did she go after haldi, now see what I make of this news. Aru says I m getting late. Aarav says I m your would be husband, can’t you lie for me, I had to meet you, this lie is not harmful for everyone, it can be said, you can tell them that you came to met me. She says its wrong to lie for own good, but I will lie, not to save myself, but because no one should point finger at you, I can do anything for you. He says I m so lucky and hugs her. Naina mile piya se……….. plays……….

Tanvi beats the plate and says Aru has run away after haldi, the one who find her will get prize. Aru’s mum asks what are you saying. Tanvi says don’t know where Aru went to enjoy. Aru’s dad scolds her.

Nikki says Aru’s inlaws called, shall I tell him that Aru has run away. Tanvi says yes, tell them that she has run away. Aru’s dad says no and takes phone. Tanvi and Nikki laugh saying this was joke, but now call will come. Aru’s mum says Aru can’t do this, she knows she can’t go out after haldi, you are lying. Tanvi says I m saying truth, its tradition here, someone runs before marriage and someone after marriage. She jokes on Aru’s dad.

Aru comes home and hears all this. Aru’s dad Ashwin goes to see Aru. Aru gets inside her room balcony by the ladder. Tanvi says Aru is nowhere, you think now what to tell her inlaws. Aru comes from her room and says I was at home, I was praying to Lord. Tanvi and Nikki get shocked. Aru apologizes to Lord. Aru’s Bua Dadi asks Tanvi to apologize to everyone. Manjunath comes home. He says I got gangajal for my Aru, for her well being. He says I will make Aru drink this tomorrow. The goons talk that Aru will drink poisoned water, we have to keep an eye on Aru, once she drinks the water, you inform madam.

Renuka Dadi asks her husband Manjunath why is he worried if Aru’s dosh can get away. He says it’s a problem, I will keep this water safe, all dosh will be cleaned by this. Tanvi looks on. Its morning, Aru gets ready in her bridal wear and smiles. Her friends tease her. Manjunath prays for Aru, and asks Lord to bless Aru. Aru’s friends ask her where did she go at night. Aru says nowhere, I was here. They tease Aru and laugh. Tanvi asks whats happened, I did not get a laugh, but I will laugh when my dream gets fulfilled, very soon. She goes. Aru gets worried. Manjunath gets the water. The goon looks on. Aru’s mum tells Manjunath that Aru is getting ready, whats the matter. He says mahurat is right, come. Tanvi smiles.

Aarav asks everyone to pay attention. Padma thinks why is he so excited for marriage. Aarav does shayari and says I got non alcoholic drinks for you. Padma thinks Aarav is doing to do something big today. Aarav says I feel very lucky, such good parents and praises them. He gives drinks to everyone. He praises all his family members and gives drinks. Padma thinks Aarav is cooking something in his mind.

Aru throws pillow and all her friends run. Aru’s mum comes there and applies black dot to Aru. Manjunath gets the water pot, and the goon looks on. Manjunath prays. The goon thinks drink and you will die Aru.

Manjunath asks Aru to drink the water in one gulp. The water pot gets falling, and Aru holds it. Manjunath and everyone were shocked, but get relieved seeing Aru saving the water. Aru drinks the water. The goon smiles and thinks now she will die. Aru takes Manjunath’s blessing. He blesses her. Aru falls on the bed and faints. They all get shocked.

Padma asks the goon did Aru drink poisoned water or not. He says yes. She laughs. Aarav gets his baraat and dances. Media reporter says this baraat is very strange, Aarav’s family and relatives are missing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Watched the episode on tv and the precap is really weird. but it made me laugh also at his antics. Eagerly looking for tomorrow’s epi where more things would be revealed. but must say- Aarav is damn dangerous. something is definitely on his mind

  2. Shai

    Vatsal!!!!! Kamal ke ho

  3. he is amazing as usual!!!!

  4. yes shai he is amazing as usual!!!!

  5. that’s negativity is unique in vattyboy….what is unusual attraction!!!

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    the thing which is rocking the most in the show is vatsal i never knew he will do such a good job here i didnt like him much in ek hasina thi but here he is rocking, and i like the way suspense is created in this show, already lots of thing rising in my mind

  7. love you vatsal…you are so good as aarav..

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