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Baazigar 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Padma finding the necklace. She says I have checked everywhere, where did he keep it. Aarav comes and says its there, left side. She gets shocked seeing Aarav and asks what are you saying. He says my dirty clothes. She says yes, I thought to help you. He says you take care of me so much and shows the necklace bag. He asks her to keep it. She checks it and says dates…. He asks her to have dates, then she won’t have iron deficiency.

She asks about the necklace Amma gave him for Arundhati, its expensive. He says CBI and FBI are two steps behind you, idea is not bad, there can be no one better than you for protecting the necklace. He shows the necklace and says this necklace is in this guitar, just we both know this, we have greedy people in this house, till Arundhati wears this

necklace, we both will keep this safe. She keeps necklace in guitar. She says I came as thief and become police. She gets a call and leaves. The man informs about Arundhati’s kundli dosh, and Manjunath going to temple to get pure water for dosh nivaran. She asks him to listen carefully. She tells her plan and says Arundhati will reach graveyard, not marriage mandap. She laughs.

Manjunath and a guy are going to the temple to get water. The guy says Guru ji, weather is getting bad, we can’t reach temple. Manjunath says we have to go, its matter of my granddaughter’s life. They proceed. Aru’s mum asks Aru to have something, and get ready for mehendi. Aru asks her to make Papa rest for sometime. She asks about Dada ji, where is he. Aru’s mum says he was busy in puja, he would be coming. Aru’s mum leaves from her room.

Aru shuts the door. Someone wearing a mask comes there, and holds Aru shutting her mouth. She gets scared seeing the man having a knife. Manjunath falls down. The guy asks him is he fine, we will wait till storm gets calm. Manjunath says no, we have to reach there on time. Aarav removes the mask and says surprise….. Aru gets shocked and says Aarav you…. He asks her why is she shouting. She says I was scared. He says sorry, what about my life, its been over 24 hours, that I did not see you. They smile. She says its matter of 24 hours, and then we have to see each other. He holds her close and does shayari. He says I have come to take you out, come with me. She says haldi happened today. He asks do you trust me. She smiles and says more than myself. Naina mile piya se………….plays………….. They have an eyelock and smile. He kisses her hand.

Aru’s mum packs Aru’s bag. She keeps pickles and all the needful things for Aru. Aru’s dad sees their family pic and says maybe you are keeping this pic so that she does not miss us. Aru’s mum says I wish she does not miss us there. He says yes, she got a life partner like Aarav, he will keep Aru very happy. Manjunath reaches the temple. He smiles seeing the pond and says we have to take water from this for Aru. Some men look at them. Manjunath says pandit ji said the way won’t be easy, but we have reached here. Those men come there and tell Manjunath that they came to take the pond water as a pandit asked them to get the water for making their parents fine. Manjunath says who does so much for parents these days, take the water. The man asks Manjunath to take the water first. Manjunath takes water in the pot and prays. The man adds poison in the water pot. Manjunath says when Arundhati drinks this water, the grahan on her life will end. The man thinks she will die drinking this.

Aarav surprises Aru by showing her the entire glowing city from the floating platform in air. She says its so beautiful. He says I wanted to give you surprise. All the lights go. She asks is this your surprise. He says no, surprise is this, look there. He shows the lighting I love you. She gets glad. He says this is our last night before marriage, I wanted to make this special. Baazigar……plays………. She says this has become an unforgettable moment of my life, that temple and now this, why did you do this. He says I don’t do anything without any reason, and when I do something, its too high, I have feelings for you, and this is my passion, after tomorrow, I will write a book of such beautiful moments, book of Arundhati and Aarav’s love. She smiles.

He asks her to support him. She hugs him and closes eyes. She imagines dancing with Aarav. Hum tum……………plays…………… She says I can’t believe anyone can love so much. He says love did not start yet and smiles.

Aru dresses as the bride. Manjunath makes her drink the water. She falls on the bed. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. RiyaDcruz

    Wowww luv u aarav nd aru

  2. Vatsal is handsome as always n heroine is extremely beautiful but I it’s a mismatch.. don’t have a chemistry.. May be it’s too new to judge.. let’s c

    1. even i felt the same, both look good but not together…. let us see

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