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Baazigar 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav showing a big diamond ring. He makes Aru wear the ring and gets sindoor to fill in her maang. Aru recalls how he left her in mandap. Aru thinks of her his words as he fills her maang. Everyone clap. Aarav makes her wear mangalsutra and takes everyone’s blessings. Padma says I don’t understand what Aarav is doing, no he is very clever, he has something going on in his mind. Aru comes to her room and thinks of Aarav.

Aarav comes and asks how was the party, I hope I did not disappoint you. She says party is over, now show me your true face, any girl can get fooled in love, the girl who got hurt, even Lord can’t fool her. He says fine, you won as I accepted you, its because I wanted this, you will be my wife for one month, I will prove you are unfit for this marriage,

world will see you wrong, this is my promise, you will beg me to free you of this relation. She asks him to forget the dreams which don’t get completed.

She says this won’t happen, you took one slap’s revenge, you played with me and left me, now I will play with you all life, you taught me to love and hatred too, I will take revenge. She says I know you would do this, I will stay here all my life as this house’s bahu, I will make sure you realize all your mistakes, your failure will be my victory, this is Arundhati Aarav Trivedi’s promise to you. He smiles.

Radheshyam takes two glasses of milk. He adds something and says its ready for suhaagraat, they will have fun today. He tells Padma that this is for Aarav and Aru’s suhaagraat, Aarav told me to make this milk. She asks what, did Aarav ask for this, did he really accept Aru, no this can’t happen, I will ask Aarav. Parul comes and says Badrinath uncle is coming. Padma asks what. Radheshyam says he taunted me as Ghar jamai. Padma asks why is he coming. Parul says he could not come before as he had operation, he is coming to bless Aarav and Aru. Padma says he will make us work a lot. Parul says Maa is gone to Kashi, don’t know how will we manage.

Padma goes to Aarav and asks him whats happening, marriage, party and all this. Aarav says before a jump, you need to go two steps back, whatever I m doing is by thinking. She asks him to tell her, I will help. He says I m one man army, I don’t need your help, relax as audience and clap. She leaves. Aarav adds some powder in the milk. Kailash, Ahana and everyone talk to Aru and are happy with Aru. Rishi jokes on Ahana and everyone smile. Parul says Aru, you came here and atmosphere changed here, I feel this house will have happiness, I hope everything will be fine, we are with you, you be alert.

Aru says you all supported me, I will try to fulfill my duties, if I do mistake, forgive me. Parul says you won our heart, you can’t do mistake, you will just get blessings from Kailash’s uncle, he is coming tomorrow. Everyone get worried. Parul asks Ahana and Rishi to get ready on time and receive uncle. Aarav gives the milk glass to Aru, saying Padma has sent this. She takes the other girl. He thinks I knew you will take other girl. He smiles. She looks at him and asks him to pass his glass. She asks why did he get scared, or did he add anything in this glass. He laughs and says you feel I did something, women doubt.

She says you get scared and play and call yourself Baazigar, we will play a game. She mixes the glasses, and keeps it back. She asks him to pick glass now if he has courage. He takes a glass. They both drink the milk. He looks at her. She faints. He smiles and says real Baazigar is one who identifies the trick, and stays ahead of other person, I m this game’s old player, its going to be tough for you. He makes her lie in the bathtub and starts the tap, recalling her challenge. He thinks this is just the start, now you will know its horrific to stand against Aarav.

Everyone see Aarav in the bathtub, and try to wake him up. Kailash asks what happened to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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