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Baazigar 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru hanging herself. Aarav throws knife and cuts the rope. She falls down. He says death does not happen easy, as life is tough, especially along Aarav. He asks her to talk to Siddhant. He calls Siddhant. Aru says I m fine. Siddhant gets relieved. Aarav asks Siddhant not to come here, go and check if Sahil is fine, did anything happen to him. Siddhant gets shocked and shouts. Aarav ends call. Siddhant rushes. Aarav tells Aru that she can’t make any call, don’t dare to go out, you know there is no one worse than me, don’t go out. She asks where are you going, will you hurt Siddhant. He says right, you got intelligent being with me. He goes.

He meets SP and complains about Siddhant. He says Siddhant is interfering in my personal life a lot, I don’t want him around.

SP says don’t worry, we removed Siddhant from your father’s case. Siddhant sees police at his house and calls Sahil asking him to come at icecream parlor. Police constable rush to catch Siddhant. Siddhant enters the house.

Aru thinks whats Aarav going to do with Siddhant. She calls Siddhant. Servant stops Aru from making the call and threatens her of Aarav. Aru says I was calling mummy to get some items. Servant says sorry, you can’t talk to anyone till Aarav comes. Aarav is on the way. Siddhant hugs Sahil and cries. He says I do police job, I can’t say when I will be back, it can take few days or months time, till then take care. Sahil promises him. Siddhant tells Mausi that police is after him, I can’t surrender to them and can’t stay here, I m trapped, I have to prove myself innocent, just take care of Sahil, don’t leave him even for a second. She nods.

Aru tries to go out and sees someone’s shadow. Radheshyam comes and falls on the stairs being drunk. Servant takes Radheshyam to his room. Aru picks his phone and hides it. inspector tells Aarav that Siddhant can’t come here, we will stop him. Siddhant looks on and says I have to find proof against Aarav anyway. He recalls a coin fell down in the grass and he has seen a manhole cover. Aru goes hiding the phone and collides with Aarav. She gets shocked seeing him.

He asks what happened, are you scared. He says till you are scared, you will be alive. Servant tells Aarav that Aru did not go out and did not call anyone. She rushes to bathroom. Aarav comes to the room. Siddhant removes the manhole cover and gets in. Aru starts the tap and calls Siddhant. Siddhant reaches inside the house. Aru messages Siddhant.

He reads her message. He calls her and asks her not to worry, I m in your house’s compound. She says how can you take this risk. He says I have to prove Aarav killed Kailash, you have to help me, I have to collect evidence. She says you are right, Aarav can’t roam free by doing crimes, I want to see him behind bars, I can take any risk, Aarav and servants are at home, family is not here, how shall I divert them. Siddhant says we have to make Aarav reach right place, we have to think ahead of him, we have less time. She thinks what to do and sees a vase. She breaks vase on her hand and screams. She cries in pain. Siddhant asks her what happened, are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, listen to my plan. Aarav hears Aru screaming.

Aru comes out and asks servants to call doctor, the vase fell on my hand. Siddhant hears her and recalls her plan. He enters the house. Aarav asks servants to be here and see Aru’s pain, enjoy it. Aru cries and says you would be loving to see me in pain. She goes out and sees Siddhant.

Aarav says you would be thinking you married a devil. Siddhant gets the poison bottle and says its same poison by which Kailash died.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. no idea where this serial is going.

  2. What kind of show it is?

  3. I feel bad for this serial oh can’t see this much cruelty this became horror serial torturing wife this much?..Oh god let us writers should understand it s serial not a movie and all everybody ( likes love story,suspense,love hate story, ghost story)..but nobody likes simply torturing people this has so much of cruelty killed his own mother father torturing wife don’t put too much of torture in because there may be very few people who will be torturing their family but for them there is no need of time to watch this serial (they will be busy in torturing ?)and those who watch doesn’t like torturing anybody but once aru married i liked this story but now it became very arrogant every day torturing some people ?? oh please change some story thinking make Arav to menthal hospital and make him cure and should change some thing and atlest nice story starts..ek haseena thi is different it has got some love story,handedness, suspense )so when i see arav i thought it might be like aru will make arav to became good but this different turn oh so bad?

  4. Perminder Virk

    Why make him good.
    He is evil and gas killed his parents and indirectly his baby.
    Kidnapping family members etc. Threats to people.
    No he needs to be put in prison for life or hanged.

  5. Have this serial… poisonous TV show…it should be banned

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