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Baazigar 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru’s family thinking what to do. Bua Dadi asks Aru’s dad to send away all the guests, this marriage can’t happen now, this is a disaster. Aru says its about what we think, if there is any hurdle when you go to temple. Bua Dadi says I will take Lord’s name and go ahead. Dadi says yes, hurdles come in right path. Dadi Bua says yes right, she has solved everything and changed the situation. Aru’s dad says so we will start haldi ritual. Tanvi says haldi sent from Aarav’s house is spoiled. Aru says you forgot, we have kept shagun haldi near Lord idol. Aru’s mum says yes, we will mix this haldi with Lord’s blessed haldi, now it will be very shagun haldi. Tanvi gets jealous. Aru goes to her.

Tanvi asks her to tell everyone that she got the bat, I m not afraid of

anyone. Aru smiles and says you are staying here, it shows you consider yourself part of this family, come with me, haldi ritual will be incomplete without you, I won’t tell about the bat, loved ones are not ashamed, just blessings are taken from family. Tanvi curses her again. Aru says I know there is love hidden behind your hatred, I will win your heart once, please come. She goes. Tanvi says Aarav can come in her words, I m Rahu of this family, I won’t leave without seeing their destruction.

Aarav’s Dadi talks to her husband’s pic. She tells about Aarav’s marriage. Aarav talks as Dada ji. Dadi thinks did her husband come back. She sees Aarav and says I got scared. Aarav says you are still young and pretty. She shows the jewelry and says I have hidden this from Padma, groom gifts the bride on wedding night, your Dada ji gave this to me, give this to Arundhati. He likes the necklace. Padma hears them and goes. He says I have thought something awesome for Aru, I will hug her all night. She says shameless and beats him. He says I plan to do something that no one did till now, I will make her every moment special, her happiness matters a lot for me.

Aru sees the haldi in mirror and smiles. Naina mile piya se…………..She keeps a ring in the drawer and goes to change. A girl comes there and takes that ring from the drawer. Aru’s Dada ji Manjunath tells pandit that its about Aru’s life, her marriage is tomorrow. Pandit asks her to postpone marriage, to be frank, I think this marriage won’t happen. Manjunath says don’t say this, tell me any solution, I m ready to do anything. Pandit asks him to get jal/water from Kali temple, if Aru drinks that water, nothing bad will affect her. Manjunath says I will go there for Aru, there is less time. Pandit says there maybe many hurdles in your way, as kundli has many dosh. Manjunath nods and leaves. A man heard their conversation and smiles. Aru checks for the ring and tells her mum that she did not get the ring. Her mum says what will we tell Aarav’s family, find it.

Aru recalls Aarav gifting her the ring. He says I can’t believe you paid 5times the price for this ring. He says when you liked this ring, when Rani ji was wearing this, I decided you should be wearing this. She says I did not mean I wanted this ring. He says I explained my family, I have sold the ancestral haveli, I did not like it, I can do anything for Arundhati. She asks whats people saying. He says that Aarav is the happiest and luckiest person by getting Arundhati in his life. She smiles and pushes him. Baazigar o baazigar…………..plays……………. He holds her hand and asks her to promise she will never make this ring away from her. He kisses her hand. FB ends. She thinks I could not keep a small promise and cries. She says when Aarav knows this, what will I answer him. Her mum says you will get it. That girl looks on.

The girl Nikki comes and asks why did Aru not welcome us. She acts innocent and ask what happened, what are you finding. Aru says I m not getting Aarav’s gifted ring. Nikki says I will help you, and calls her mumma Tanvi. Tanvi comes and says fine, we will help them. Tanvi and Nikki sign each other. Nikki says it was queen’s ring, Aarav got that by difficulty. Tanvi says I feel sorry for Aru’s mum, people will think you sold the ring to get Aru married well. She taunts her. Aru sees Nikki having the ring and stops her, asking her to show what she has. Nikki shows the ring. Aru gets shocked.

Aru asks Nikki why did she take the ring. Nikki says I liked it, so I took it. Aru’s mum scolds her for stealing Aru’s ring, did you not think of Aru, are you not ashamed. Tanvi asks why will we think, what did this house give her, she could not get any father too. Aru’s mum says you also have to hear this, its your values. Aru’s mum scolds Tanvi. Tanvi says you played game with me, many years ago, my marriage was fixed with your husband, I was made to marry his younger brother, he made me pregnant and run away, you have stolen my would be husband and future, there can’t be any bigger thief than you. Aru’s mum says you know why all that happened, don’t get revengeful with Aru. Tanvi says you and Aru can’t get saved from this poison, you are the reason of my life’s ruining, Aru will be paying the price for this, Aru will also cry in her mandap, this is my curse. Aru cries.

Someone comes to Aru wearing a mask and shows the knife. Aru gets shocked. Padma looks for the necklace in Aarav’s cupboard and gets shocked seeing Aarav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nishaanth Nishu

    Wowwiee Shaurya Goenka(Vatsal Seth) is back ?, after watching Ek Haseena Thi I bcame a big fan of him
    I dont have life ok channel so till nw i have not watched any life ok serials, fo the first time Bcoz of vatsal seth am going to watch this serial in hotstar ☺

    1. Me too

  2. This series is starting to get interesting…. Hope it stays good or gets better

  3. RiyaDcruz

    Wowwww im loving dis serial i think it’ll be a Awwwssssoooommmeee thriller

  4. RiyaDcruz

    The chemistry btw dem is osssmm????????

  5. Neethu Madhavan

    awesome episode…..! this is a very interesting serial….!

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