Baazigar 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parul giving an ancestral necklace to Aru. She says I have kept this safe for you, have this. Aarav asks the men to get all shagun items. He gets a lawyer with him. He says Aru, he is registrar. He introduces Aru as his wife, and everyone get puzzled. He tells Aru that they have to sign on papers to validate their marriage, he has changed you and want to accept her, as they got married in temple which no one has seen, I know I m unpredictable.

Aarav thinks once Aru signs on the papers, I will send her to jail. Kailash says your plans are still same, with bit of difference. He checks lawyer’s card. Aarav says if you are satisfied, see I got clothes, jewelry, everything as shagun, I got even mangalsutra and sindoor.

Aru says I don’t know your plan, but if you are

showing love, why should this marriage be infront of four people, you have to accept me infront of the world, and get back mine and my family’s respect back. He says we think alike, I kept a party at night, I invited everyone, I will make you wear this mangalsutra infront of everyone, I will fill sindoor, I will accept you as my wife. He asks her to sign now. Aru signs on the papers. Aarav also signs on papers. Lawyer congratulates them for marriage and leaves. Aarav says congrats Arundhati Aarav Trivedi. Everyone look on puzzled. Aarav asks Aru to come and see her room. Radheshyam jokes on Padma.

Padma says I m on break now, as Aru would be cooking, since Aru came here, Kailash and Aarav got more against. He asks her to be careful. She asks him to just see how she uses Aru. Aarav shows the room to Aru. He says I will get more things for you, I promise I will keep you as queen here. She says I did not come here for money and jewelry. He says I know, but is this not husband’s right to give all this by love, its tough to trust each other, I will make everyone fine with time. He shows the dress he got for her and asks her to wear it in party in evening. She checks the dress. He asks what happened, do you think its my plan, don’t you trust me. She says trusting you is not easy. He says now we will be together forever, start trusting me. He leaves.

The party begins in evening. Aarav welcomes the guests. He says Aru is getting ready, she is coming. The guests congratulate Kailash. Aarav asks servant to tell chef that Aru does not like spicy food, so make food less spicy. Parul tells Kailash that I m scared, Aarav can do anything. Kailash says I also feel so, go and get Aru. Aru thinks of Aarav’s words. Parul comes to her and asks what happened, you look worried, Aarav did not do right, don’t forgive him, he should regret, tell me if there is any problem, we are with you, you look beautiful. Maid says Aru’s family has come.

Padma asks Aarav to say what is his plan. Aarav says I changed, I have become good husband now, sorry I have to go. He welcomes Ashwin, Sanjeevani and Renuka. He asks them to come. The man congratulates Kailash for Aarav’s marriage and for getting in India’s top 1o companies. Aarav says credit goes to Aru, who is auspicious for us, please welcome her. Parul gets Aru there. Aarav calls her Arundhati Aarav Trivedi. He does shayari. Everyone clap. He holds her hand. He tells everyone that Aru is his wife, they got marriage, the baby was his child, it was not illegitimate, Aru had miscarriage because of my mistake. He apologizes to Aru infront of everyone. He says I m accepting Aru infront of everyone today, I will make her wear mangalsutra and fill sindoor in her maang, but first I want to apologize to my inlaws. He apologizes to Aru’s family. Aru thinks Aarav is still acting, I will show whats called revenge.

Aru says you took revenge for one slap, you played with me, now I will play with you. She promises Aarav that she will take revenge from him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Aru vs arav will be epic to see. And I am happy with the fact aru is dealing with the matter smartly

  2. Still waiting 4 further update.n thank u 4 ur fast update

  3. AMENA PLIZ finish update i m still waiting

  4. Thank u.

  5. I can’t understand how did aru sign the papers without reading… She should be careful with every step she takes from now till there relation gets okay…. But I really impossible to trust a person like aarav bcz these kind of people can anytime ditch you…

  6. so damn excited to watch this upcoming epi…..
    its damn unpredictable………..just loving it…!

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