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Baazigar 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru fainting by stress. She is rushed to hospital. Kailash and Parul come to hospital and nurse tells them about Aru’s miscarriage happening by stress. They get shocked. Aarav celebrates in his office for getting saved and winning. Aru gets conscious and asks doctor how is she here. Doctor tells her that she had miscarriage after she fainted by stress. Aru cries. Aru recalls how she lost her baby, how Aarav framed her, how he made her fall in love with him and left her in mandap. She thinks of Aarav and cries. Laga chunri me daag…..plays………

She wipes her tears and says Aarav has made fun of my troubles, now Aarav will be troubled and everyone will see him, count down for your destruction begins. Aarav thinks failure is not in my dictionary, I don’t lose courage

and challenges. She says but you have to lose now, I have forgiven you for your mistake, but I will punish you for this sins, I will punish my dead baby’s murderer.

Later at night, Aarav plans a party with his friends. He plays music and dances. Kailash and Parul come to his room and knock the door. Everyone come there. Aarav drinks. Kailash stops the music. Aarav asks how dare you. Kailash says Aru lost her baby by miscarriage.

Aarav acts to be sad and then laughs saying I was trying to get baby aborted, its good miscarriage happened, we will party. Kailash asks how are you stone hearted, did you not get hurt hearing your baby’s death news, you did a sin, and I will not forgive you, you have become a murderer, it would be better if you were not born, its really shameful. He leaves. Aarav tells everyone that this is my dad, who always curses me, he always says this, what can we do, I m like him. Padma smiles. Aarav says even I want my son not to get born, but there is difference between Kailash and me, he just says and I do it, I m king of my fate who has won and came. He throws wine on himself and celebrates. Everyone feel Aarav is disgusting. Padma thinks there will be fun now.

Dadi tells Kailash that she will go to meet pandit and show Aarav’s kundli, she wants to know whats the yog that Aarav is going away from them. She asks Kailash not to stop her and leaves. Padma goes to Aru and apologizes to her and her family. She says Aarav is evil, he is celebrating for his baby’s death. Aru thinks I will not leave Aarav and tell him whats revenge.

Aarav gets ready in morning. He tells Kailash that he is going in his success party. He gets shocked as Aru comes to his house. She asks him will he not welcome her. Aarav asks you here. She asks why are you surprised, this house is mine also, I will stay here. Padma gets shocked.

Aarav asks where will you stay. She says in your room. He says you are doing drama. She says call it melodrama, about my self esteem and your cheat, my love and your revenge, your lie and my trust, if we have good chemistry, why don’t we stay together. He says story ended from my side, I took revenge. She says you taught me to love and take revenge too. Everyone smile seeing Aru taking Aarav’s class. She cakks Kailash as Papa and says I came, did I do right, you said I m this house’s bahu. Kailash says yes, I was waiting for this day.

Parul says we were waiting to get you in this house, we are very happy, society can think anything, just you are our bahu. Aru looks at Aarav. Parul says we are really very happy. She asks Kaka to get aarti plate, I will welcome my bahu. Aarav says there will be no welcome, its her plan. Kailash says Aru has come as she is true and right, any other girl would have not come being coward, you can leave this house, but Aru will stay here with us. Padma does Aru’’s tilak and aarti. Ahana and Rishi smile. Aru thinks of her miscarriage and looks at Aarav angrily. Aarav recalls Aru’s slap and gets angry. Aru keeps hand over diya and thinks now its my turn to take revenge, you killed my child, I swear I will torture you now. Parul asks her to enter the house. Aarav leaves and Aru steps inside the house.

Aarav tells lawyer that Aru is his wire, and asks her to sign to make their marriage legal. Aru asks him to accept her infront of the world and return her family respect.

Update Credit to: Amena

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