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Baazigar 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru going to Aarav’s library. She looks around and checks cupboards. She finds the door to secret room and recalls Sahil’s words. Dadi calls her out. Aru keeps cupboard back and goes to Dadi. She hugs Dadi and Ahana. Dadi asks why did you get unwell, I did peace puja for Kailash, how are you hearing him. Aarv thinks Kailash would have got peace if I did puja, now his soul is wandering. Dadi gives her Kuldevi sindoor and asks her to apply it. Parul asks Aru to take rest. Dadi goes with Parul and Padma.

Aru tells Aarav that you have two faces, one which everyone saw and other which no one have seen, not even you. She leaves. Aru thinks what can be inside that door. Parul asks her to have breakfast. Aru says parcel came on my name, I will get it. Padma says I will get

it, if Aru says anything wrong, the man will get puzzled. Aru asks why will I act mad, I will get it. Dadi says no, don’t leave food. Aru recalls Siddhant’s call and his words that he will come to her house to give parcel.

Padma goes out and sees Siddhant. She says you and shouts Aarav. Aru’s dream ends. Padma asks Aru to go and sign, take parcel. Aru asks did you not identify him. Padma asks why, is he known to me. Aru goes to Siddhant and talks to him. He asks what was it which you could not tell me, when you said strange things are happening with you, I could not wait and came running to see you and Sahil, how is Sahil. She says Sahil is fine and gives him house keys. She signs to take parcel and says I can’t say whats happening, you should leave, Aarav can come anytime, we can’t fool Aarav. He asks her not to worry, Aarav’s fear will end, this will not stay till long, I promise. He leaves.

Servant asks Aru to take Kuldevi Prasad. Aru eats that and gets dizzy. Parul and Padma go to see Aru in her room, and find red footmarks everywhere. They get shocked seeing Aru. Parul asks what happened and wakes Aru up. Aru gets shocked seeing the foot marks and shouts blood. Dadi and Aarav come and ask what happened. Padma says this footmarks show like Aru applied color and was dancing. Aru says no, am I mad to dance here. Padma asks how did this happen then.

Aru says I know Aarav did this. Aarav says you mean I applied color to your feet and made you dance. Dadi says I think its bad spirit haunting Aru. Aarav says I think we should call doctor, Aru is getting dangerous for us, we should make her reach right place, mental asylum. They all get shocked.

Aru goes to Aarav and asks her about sending Prasad to her, that had something mixed, so I fainted eating it. He says you can understand this, but not anyone else. He claps and leaves. At night, Aru goes to library and opens the secret door. She goes inside and sees a room decorated for Aarav’s birthday. she thinks around and says this is Aarav’s 9th birthday pics.

She says whats all this, its seems time stopped here and none of family members told me anything. Aarav sees library door open and gets in. Aru hears the sound and hides. Aarav enters the secret room and says I think someone has come here. Aru gets tensed as he walks to the side where she is hiding.

Aarav asks Aru what was she asking about him. Dadi comes to that room and sees Aru here. Aru gets shocked seeing Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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