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Baazigar 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav saying why will I do this, I saved Aru. Kailash scolds the goon and asks him to say who made him do this. Inspector says don’t worry, I will find the culprit and beat him. Aru asks Kailash to leave the goon, we will get real culprit soon. Inspector takes the goons and leaves. Aru says atleast the goons got arrested, they have snatched their land illegally, I won the first step. Parul asks how did you know about these goons.

Aru says I was determined to win and I solved the matter. Aru goes to room. Aarav asks why did she do this favor on him. She says I got the goon’s number from your phone and bribed them for money, asking them to meet me somewhere. FB shows…. Aru gets the goons beaten by police and asks the goon not to take Aarav’s name, I will take case back,

don’t step on that land again, else I will frame you in harassment case. FB ends.

Aru tells Aarav that she spared him because of his parents, if she exposed him, then they would have got hurt, keep this as my favor. He says I don’t keep anyone’s favor, I will return it with interest, just wait and watch.

Aarav asks Badri why did he call them. Badri says we need 20 crores to set up this business, whoever arranges this amount will win. Kailash sees Aru worried and asks whats the matter. Aru asks 20 crores to start the plant, how can we arrange it in so less time. Aarav says I can do this work in a second, I will get cheque book. Kailash stops Aarav and says you buy everything with the pocket money I give you, this work is not easy, you told Aru that there can’t be cheating, like she will arrange money by harwork, you have to do this same way, don’t forget, whatever you have is mine.

Aarav says fine, let’s play fair, I can arrange this money on my own, but will your bahu be able to do this, I don’t think so. Aru says what you feel and what I can do, time will tell that, the one qualified do not talk about them, others talk about them. Badri asks them to prove their capabilities. Aarav and Aru shake hands.

Aru makes the presentation and talks to bank manager. Rishi comes there and offers help to her. She smiles. He sees her presentation and asks are you trying to apply for bank loan, tell me if you need help in any presentation. She says thanks, but this is my task, I can’t cheat, I made presentation, that’s done. He says that sounds good, I will leave, all the best. She thanks him.

Padma asks Aarav to understand, small stones don’t break even glass houses. He says I will do something such that Aru’s hope gets crushed and she never tries to stand against me. Padma says too much good, shall I help. He says fine, listen what you need to do.

He goes to work and checks file on his laptop. He says its small babies’ video, they are so cute, fragile. Aru sees the video and gets sad. Aru cries. Aarav tells her how she lost the baby by her stress and mistakes. He tells her how mother feels when she has baby in womb, she is not lucky to experience that. He provokes her a lot. Aru asks her to stop it. She takes a papercutter in hand. He signs Padma. Padma changes the pendrive. Aarav injures his hand and screams. Everyone come there. Kailash asks what happened. Aarav says nothing, I asked Aru if she could do the work, she took paper cutter and was hitting me.

Kailash sees the wound and asks whats this kiddish thing, come we will do aid. Aarav says no need for your sympathy, its just blood loss, unfortunately, its your blood. Kailash asks Aru to come. Aru takes the pendrive and leaves. Padma gives pendrive to Aarav and tells him that Aru is leaving for bank now. Kailash asks Aru to take care, and remember that she has to fail Aarav. Aarav checks presentation and says I don’t have to make Aru lose, but to kick her out of my life. Aru takes Kailash’s blessings. Kailash blesses her. Aarav says I will win.

Aru throws water on Aru’s face and calls her termite. She takes back color and applies on his face, saying she will turn his life’s pic black.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Too much violence…this serial is becoming nonsense day by day…please don’t make this serial again a Stockholm syndrome based…atleat now show some positivity…for this track Arab should never be forgiven or accepted by Arundhuti…but why so much violence so much hatred for stupid reasons???why CVS are showing Arab such negative??this can provoke audience too

  2. i miscarried twice……aarav’s words hurt me a lot….i had to stop watching this mid way….

  3. Even I m gonna stop watching if so much cruelty goes on…

  4. This show is sadistic; the character of Aarav is a psychopath. If they show him becoming good from who he is, they will tell thousands of girls to stick by a deranged violent man because one day he will become good. This show is the mindset due to which women in India suffer violence but don’t leave. The CVs have no sense of social responsibility or conscience!

    1. Exactly

  5. the cvs should know that many of their audience are such women who might have miscarried. though it was not intentional, it hurts such women who have bitter experiences.

  6. Really Arav is a sadistic and a devastating character,this is nothing less than savdhan India…he is not tolerable anymore

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