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Baazigar 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav getting angry and thinking of Kailash’s words. Aru thinks of Sanjeevani’s words. She cries. Aarav hits the punching bag. Aarav calls Aru and compliments her for trapping him by using baby. She says you got trapped yourself while taking revenge, I just slapped you. He says I know down market girls like you, you are gold diggers, I knew you want my property and money, so that you, your baby and family live well. Aru says leave about money, I will keep baby away from your thinking. He laughs and says its easy to say, when life slaps you in four days, you will come running to me and beg me for your rights. She says don’t worry, this won’t happen. He says then prove it. She asks what. He says write on legal papers that you don’t have to do anything with my money. She asks

him to keep papers ready and she will sign.

Padma is happy and talks to her husband Radheshyam. She says I find happiness in small things, Kailash and Aarav have small distance between them, Aarav is practicing boxing, he is disturbed.

Aarav calls someone and says I should look a victim, prove that she is gold digger. Aru prays that she gets rid of Aarav. Aarav calls inspector and says arrest Aru, people should feel Arundhati has trapped me, keep lady constable with you. Aru says I will leave. Sanjeevani asks why does she want to go alone, I don’t believe Aarav, he can do anything. Aru says I m going to Shukla uncle, I called Aarav there, I will come soon. Tanvi hears them.

Padma asks Aarav did she hear Kailash’s decision. Aarav finishes food and winks. He leaves. Aarav follows Aru. She thinks of his words. She turns and he drives ahead. She reaches Shukla’s office and greets him.

Shukla says Aarav would be coming, this is my client’s office, papers are ready, go there and sit, my assistant is there, I will come in 5mins. She goes where he directed her and gets shocked seeing some women and doctors. She asks whats all this. Police raids place and seals place. Aru says I just came to meet lawyer. Inspector says we got right news, they are running surrogacy racket here. She asks Aru since when is she doing this. Aru says I m pregnant. Reporter covers this news. Inspector just drags Aru. Aru says its misunderstanding, I can file case against you. Inspector slaps her. Aarav comes there.

Aru asks Aarav to explain them, they are misunderstanding. Aarav smiles. Aru gets shocked seeing Shukla working for Aarav. She is arrested and taken in police van. Media reaches there and shows the girls working as surrogate mothers. Reporter tells about Aru, she said she has Aarav’s child in her womb, but it gets clear that its not Aarav’s baby. Aarav smiles seeing the news. Aru is put in lockup. People get against Aru.

Inspector scolds the girls asking for baby’s father’s name. She scolds the girl and then calls Aru. Aru gets tensed. Inspector asks her name. Aru says Arundhati. Inspector asks her baby’s father’s name, Aarav is not father of this baby, then who is it, answer me. Aru gets shocked and cries. Kailash and everyone get shocked seeing this news. Aarav calls Kailash and asks did your heart break seeing breaking news, I m Baazigar, I break the one who challenges me, next time be careful, bye. He throws his phone and laughs.

Padma says I felt something like this will happen, I understood the game, but who is the player, I will know it. Aru thinks I refused to marry Aarav and also his property, even then he did this for my goodness, he has put me in this situation by cheating. She recalls what happened and faints.

Aru says now Aarav will be ruined, and gets determined. Aarav celebrates his victory. She says I swear on my dead baby, I will get Aarav punished.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really liked the strong Aru and I think it’s high time to show positive shade of aarav

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