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Baazigar 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru telling Kailash that Aarav is not the man she loved, Aarav does not deserve this baby, I will love my baby and he won’t miss his dad. Kailash asks her to think well. She says her decision is no, she does not want Aarav’s name in her and her baby’s life. Padma wakes up Aarav and tells what Kailash said. He wakes up and asks why are you shouting. She says Kailash said Aru is pregnant, everyone knows Aarav’s illegitimate child is coming, Kailash has gone to Aru’s family, Kailash wants Aru to come here with her to be born baby as our bahu, its also Aru’s fault, Kailash proved you are negative and went to Aru, he would be requesting and begging Aru and her family, our family name is ruined. Aarav asks what, Aarav’s father will beg to that ordinary girl. Padma says I

think Kailash has come.

Kailash comes home and Parul asks what happened there. Aarav comes and claps, asking did you make our name shine, you apologize to others, apologize to your son sometimes, you will get peace. Kailash asks Parul and Padma to go inside, today father and son will have a talk. They leave. Aarav confronts Kailash for going to meet Aru and asks him why did he not think of his reputation. Kailash says you ruined our name by leaving Aru in mandap and making her pregnant, do you realize she will get insulted. Aarav says why are you announcing this to ruin my name, I don’t see girls like Aru, it was to settle scores, you should have thought of my standard.

Kailash says your thinking is so cheap, I have forgiven you thinking you will get senses some day, I regret that I always tried to understand you, and you crossed all limits of modesty and humanity, very sad. Aarav asks will you make me leave all my rights on this property, I have rights on all this, I will get this after you die, you are getting old, go to some ashram and relax, I won’t marry Aru even if she is last girl in this world.

Sanjeevani asks Aru to accept Aarav’s proposal. She says I m saying this as a mother, you don’t need Aarav’s name, but this baby needs his name, society knows legitimate and illegitimate, what will you answer people. Aru asks who, I will talk to them, Aarav did wrong, why should I bear punishment, I will not tie myself and my baby in this one sided relation, I took this decision, I will not marry Aarav. Aarav asks my marriage with Aru, impossible, everyone has right to dream, but living dreams in this age is called madness. Kailash says I won’t change my decision.

Aarav asks will you make me marry Aru and fill sindoor in her maang, my dear biological father, I did all this before in temple, without any witness or proof, and this baby is result of this secret marriage. Kailash gets shocked. Aru says this baby is not illegitimate, its result of that marriage, I don’t have any proof. Sanjeevani says society won’t believe this.

Kailash says I will make sure, you will say this marriage news to society, I will make you accept Aru, you will remarry her and get her home. Aarav says you can’t do anything, and threatens him about his life. He says you always lost to me, as I m your son, your heir. Kailash says you were the heir till now, but now that baby is the heir, and till I get the baby his rights, I will not sit quiet. Aarav says you will fight with me for that unborn baby, I don’t think so, let that baby and Aru go to hell, you can’t become mine and my mum’s, you showed your real place, you are a murderer. Kailash gets shocked and angrily slaps Aarav.

Kailash says I should have slapped you before, your mum used to say I should explain you with love, I respected her words, you think my love is my weakness, time has come to show you your real place, always remember this slap, this will remind you of father and son relation. Aarav says you can’t scare me with this slap, I will never accept that baby.

Sanjeevani says even if Aarav does not accept this baby, the baby needs his name, you will need his name at birth time, school admission time, college, and job, when he grows up, you can’t save him from society’s taunts, kids will make fun of him, when he knows that Kailash wanted to give him Aarav’s name and you rejected because of your self esteem, he will ask you why did you put my future in darkness, what will you tell him. Aru cries and says stop it. Sanjeevani asks her to listen it, society won’t give a respectable life to your baby, leave this pride for your baby, say yes to this proposal. Aru thinks. Kailash stops Aarav. Aarav says Aru will never come in this house, this is my promise.

Aru talks to her baby and says my breath is linked with you, Maa said right, I have to think about you and I can’t do injustice with you, you will come in this world by my name for myself. Aarav thinks of Kailash’s words. Aru says I can’t give my baby to any selfish father, I will manage my baby. Aarav says how can I let that baby come in world, when he has become problem for me before his birth, baby end and my tension end.

Aru gets arrested and inspector tells about surrogacy racket. Aru says there is misunderstanding. Inspector slaps her and puts her in lockup. Aarv looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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