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Baazigar 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhant telling everyone what Aarav did against Aru. He says I know Aarav played with Aru’s feelings and then dumped her in mandap, he also framed her in surrogacy case, all this was done by his money and power, he is big player, I did not see such cheap minded man till now, he did all this to trouble Aru. Aarav says you are blaming me as you are Aru’s friend, did you had any other relation with her, I want your two mins, that will solve your doubt, come. Siddhant says fine, and goes with him.

Aarav stands on his railing. Aru and Siddhant ask Aarav to stop this madness and come down, he will fall. Aarav signs them. Siddhant holds his hand to save him. Aarav asks why are you killing me. The family comes out hearing his scream and gets shocked seeing Aarav hanging and

Siddhant holding his hand. They say Siddhant will kill Aarav. Aarav smiles and moves Siddhant’s hand away. He intentionally falls down and gets wounded. Everyone get shocked. Siddhant asks him to wake up. Aarav says you have put hand in snake house, will I not bite you, you will go to jail now. Siddhant gets shocked. They rush Aarav to hospital.

Doctor checks Aarav and says there is no internal injury, just minor injuries, you will get fine soon. Aarav says don’t count my injuries, I have habit to deal with them. Aru looks on. Aarav checks about Siddhant. Nurse tells Aarav that there is glass piece in his hand. He says maybe it got on my hand when I feel. She says I will take it out. He stops her and takes out glass piece on his own. Aru sees him. Aarav tells nurse that he is stone, if glass strikes stone, what will happen, all this can’t hurt me. Aru thinks Aarav does not feel pain for himself and others. Aarav thinks I have to deal with Siddhant and make him out of my way, Aru is making me do these crimes.

Its morning, Siddhant says there is no doubt now that Aarav killed his dad, he is very clever, but he will slip very soon. Peon tells Siddhant that SP called him. SP scolds Siddhant and says I won’t save you always, if we take law in hand, what will we tell them, what anger did you get that you made Aarav fall from terrace. Siddhant says I did not do that. SP says everyone has seen, Trivedi is big family, you can lose job this way. Siddhant says Aarav did this to free himself and trap me. SP says then you have to be more careful.

Aarav goes to Aru and says I m hearing everything. He drags her to terrace and asks her about her illegitimate relation with Siddhant. He says this friendship is just to cover right. Aru says its not like you think, why does it matter to you. He says you are my wife, this will defame me, never. He pushes her and she screams. He says you won’t die, I also fell, I don’t want to kill you, I want to scare you. He leaves her and asks did you get scared. She says yes, I m scared and shocked, I get anger and pity on you, this is your one face and story is something different. He says don’t try to know my past, if you think you can change me, you will be wrong, world has seen my one face, its time to show my dreadful face. He drags her to room. Parul asks Aarav to open the door. Aarav asks Aru to stop, else he will kill her.

He aims gun and asks Aru to do as he says. He asks her to get rope and stool. She asks what are you doing. He asks her to stand on stool and puts rope in her neck. Aru says this will end when I die. Padma and everyone ask Aarav to open door. Aarav says I won’t kill you, I m doing this for Siddhant. Aru cries and asks how will we move Siddhant out of your way. Aarav takes her video and laughs. Padma and Parul ask Radheshyam to check. Aarav scares Aru of death and laughs.

Aarav says if Siddhant does not come here in one hour, you will die. Siddhant fights with goons on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rasha Mossarraf

    I think this show is going to off air very soon . Because aarav is getting negative day by day & finally aarav has to die for his misdeeds & thereby the serial will come to an end .

  2. Too much negativity

    1. Horrible serial…bullshit storyline

  3. I think this show is going to off air very soon . Because aarav is getting negative day by day & finally aarav has to die for his misdeeds & thereby the serial will come to an end .

  4. This show is going the same way as doli armaano ki,where the main lead was the villain …i don’t think aarav will turn positive…but as said by dada chachu that in this family everybody has 2 face…might be some secret related to aarav’s past..hope they reveal it soon..can’t watch this show with so much negativity.. Its disgusting

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