Baazigar 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocking seeing Aarav. They all rush to free Aarav and blow off fire. Siddhant and his team comes there, and gets shocked. Siddhant jumps inside the fire and saves Aarav. Badri asks who did all this. Aru looks on shocked. Its morning, Siddhant asks Aarav who tried to kill him at night. Aarav thanks him for saving his life. Dadi asks Aarav who did all that. Parul asks Aarav to please tell them, how did this happen. Siddhant asks Aarav do you doubt on anyone, or you don’t want to tell us.

Aarav asks Aru what was her plan, I can’t think and say my wife, whom I love so much, tried to kill me. Aru and everyone get shocked. Aru asks what nonsense, I don’t know what is Aarav saying. Aarav says I know Aru did this, don’t go on her innocent face, I was silent

thinking Aru will accept her crime, you can check my cellphone record, she called me out in garden, have my phone. Aru says you called me in garden, I was in room, servant told me that you called me and I came there.

FB shows, Aru goes to Aarav and asks him why did he ask for kerosene oil and matchbox. Aarav smiles and says there is much tension at home, everyone is upset, so I came here, I get peace, its so quiet and nice, I thought to call you here. He keeps her busy in talk. He says after Kailash’s death, I m in shock, I know I have hurt you a lot, that’s why I asked you to get kerosene and matchbox, so that we can make bonfire and end our problems. Aru says I won’t trust you, never, I feel this is your plan, this time I won’t get trapped in your plan. She goes. He lights fire and smiles. FB ends.

Aru says I gave him kerosene and matchbox and left. Aarav asks why will I call you, I was sleeping, when I woke up, I was tied in garden and there was fire around. Aru says I don’t know anything, I came out along everyone. Aarav says you think I m superman to tie myself and light fire. Padma says I went to get water from kitchen and saw Aru coming inside house, I thought she is checking door, why did Aru go out. Aru says I said just now, I spoke to Aarav and came back.

Dadi asks Padma did she really see Aru. Padma says don’t doubt on me, I m your daughter. She asks Aru why did she get kerosene oil at home. Aru says maid got that for her house. Siddhant asks them to call maid. Maid and servant come. Aru asks them to say. Aarav signs them. Servant and maid lie to everyone. Aru gets shocked.

Siddhant says Arundhati, its clear that you are lying. Aru says I never lie, you know me since childhood. Parul says even I saw Aru going outside with kerosene. FB shows Aru telling Parul that she is going outside, everything is fine, go and sleep. FB ends. Aru says I took kerosene oil as Aarav asked for it. Siddhant asks Parul did you ask Aru why is she taking kerosene oil. Parul says no. Siddhant asks Aru why did she not say Parul, it means she wanted to hide it that she got that oil to burn Aarav, you are lying. She says trust me, I don’t know why is this servant lying. Aarav smiles and thinks Aru can’t proof I did this.

Badri asks Aru did she do this, as Kailash named everything to Aru, I don’t know whom to trust and whom to doubt. Aru says even you………… and recalls Badri’s words. She says I did not do this. Siddhant says everyone is pointing to you. Aarav says arrest this woman, she has done this to take my money and property, she knows she will all property after I die, as she is my wife, she had motive to kill me.

Siddhant says Aru, we have to arrest you, anyways whats your height. Aru says 5.6, why. Siddhant asks weight. She says 54kgs. He says fine and calls officer. Officer keeps a chair. Siddhant sits on chair. Radheshyam asks will you have tea. Siddhant asks Harya to lift him and take him to garden. Servant Harya says sorry, I can’t. Siddhant asks how can Aru drag Aarav from his room and take him to garden, if Harya being a man can’t drag me. He slaps Harya. Harya starts crying.

Siddhant asks how did Aru take Aarav and try to burn him, how did no one hear the dragging sound, I will take you to jail and beat you if you lie. Harya says sorry, Aru did not do anything, Aarav…. They all look at Aarav.

Aarav recalls asking Harya and maid to just obey him, if they open their tongue, he will cut their tongues. He has sent Harya to Aru asking her to come, Aarav is calling her. Maid then made sound to wake up Parul. All the scenes are shown linked. Siddhant says Aarav, your drama is over, I arrest you for making a false case.

Siddhant holds wounded Aarav. Aarav threatens Siddhant and says now you will go to jail. Aru looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop showing too much negative

  2. Kya hi ho rha h ..pta ni

  3. Plz change the storyline.bohot ho gya ye revenge drama.we watch this serial for aarav.but vo ab bazigar nhi criminal bn gya sad.

  4. Rasha Mossarraf

    I think this show is going to off air very soon . Because aarav is getting negative day by day & finally aarav has to die for his misdeeds & thereby the serial will come to an end .

  5. I think this show is going to off air very soon . Because aarav is getting negative day by day & finally aarav has to die for his misdeeds & thereby the serial will come to an end .

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