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Baazigar 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhant Kumawat giving his introduction to Aarav. He says I have come to investigation Kailash’s case. Aru identifies him. Siddhant sees her and says Arundhati you… She says we studied in school together, you were my senior. He says I did not think we will meet this day, world is so small, you used to come first in school, you were fate. She reminds him he was coward. She says you are crime branch officer today, not bad. He says yes, but whatever happened is very sad, but no one meets in this world again without any reason, I m not anyone’s friend here, I m on duty, tell me was everyone at home at Kailash’s death time.

Parul says yes, Kailash was my husband. He asks her what does she think, was it a suicide or murder. She cries and sees Aarav. He says madam is

signing to you Aarav, where were you that time. Aarav says I was not at home, when I came home, I saw Kailash dead. Siddhant asks Badri where was he, I feel like seeing you. Badri says I m meeting you for the first time. Siddhant says why do I get doubt on you. Badri says I did not do anything. Siddhant says I m not saying you did anything, all of you are suspect, anyways we have come to arrest Aarav. Aarav asks what. They all get shocked. Siddhant smiles and says just joking.

Aarav asks is this a joke. Siddhant says by reports, first doubt goes on you, murder is done for property. Aru says but Papa was a nice man, why will anyone try to kill him. Siddhant says yes, why did you marry Aarav, I heard Aarav has defamed you a lot, even then you held his hand, why, you were not like this. She says you can’t say anything without knowing, whats connection between my marriage and Kailash’s death. He says I will find out, but why did you marry Aarav, for money, property. She says no, I did not marry Aarav for property. He says it means you love Aarav madly. He asks Padma what do you think. Padma says you ask them, they married. Siddhant asks about Kailash’s death. Padma says its suicide. He asks really, are you sure. Padma says yes.

Siddhant says you will have proof then. She says its your work to find proof, we got a letter. He says I have to find a lot, I think Arundhati is in love, as she is educated and independent, such helpful girl won’t stay here in this house, I cleared my exams because of you. She says I don’t love Aarav. He says you wanted to take revenge, so you killed Kailash. He says even Padma can kill Kailash, maybe she is eyeing this property, it can be anyone, even Parul or others.

Aru asks what is he doing. Siddhant says we are doing our work, doubt can be on anyone, I want to see the room where Kailash’s dead body was found. Aru and Badri show the room. Aru thinks murder happened inside house, who can be the killer. Aarav thinks Aru did Kailash’s murder, I will frame you in his murder and teach you a lesson, I will make you helpless to accept that you did Kailash’s murder. Siddhant checks the room. Servant says Siddhant is calling you. They go upstairs.

Siddhant asks them about the note, and says maybe someone made Kailash write this. He asks about poison. Aarav says police did not find any poison here. Siddhant asks how can this happen, how did police did such careless mistake, anyways we will meet again. He leaves. Aarav thinks all evidence will sign that Aru killed Kailash. Aarav sees the video and how he killed Kailash. He calls someone and asks all details about Siddhant.

Siddhant evaluates the case. Aarav says Aru came to take revenge, but I will take revenge from her, this will be my biggest game. Siddhant thinks who can kill Kailash. He says Aru can’t do this, but person does crime as situation forces them, if Aru kills Kailash, what will she get, murderer will not sit quiet, culprit always things in fear and get caught.

Padma goes out and screams seeing the fire. She calls out everyone. They all get shocked seeing Aarav tied to the tree and fire around him. they try to blow off fire.

Aarav asks Aru to say this was his plan, I can’t tell them I love my wife and she tried to kill me. Siddhant says Arundhati we have to arrest you. Aru gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate aarav

  2. Hate this serial…writers can’t remember what they’ve shown before…anyone remember that lady in mandir told Arundhuti that Arav will be her Savior…and this marriage will not end…then don’t know y they turned this serial to a thriller…this could be a very nice track…but writers ruined it

  3. Please stop all this drama and show some positivity.where is aru aarav lovestory?????

  4. What else can I expect. Now there would be no meaning even if aarav changes. He murdered his own father. Such a heinous crime. Till now for whatever he did was a bit acceptable. But this, oh my god. He can’t be a protagonist. I thought aaru and aarav would be together. I thought there would be a slow change in aarav. But nothing has changed

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