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The Episode starts with Aru saying I loved Aarav, I married him, I have his name’s sindoor, Aarav cheated, why to punish this innocent baby, if Aarav does not want to accept baby, its fine, I will give birth to the baby, baby’s identity needs a father, not his birth, its mum’s right to bring baby in this world, no one can take this right from me. Sanjeevani says Aru’s decision is right. Ashwin says you know this baby will bring… Sanjeevani says baby will bring many troubles, I know, but biggest sorrow for Aur will be to lose this baby, which I can’t let to happen. Renuka also agrees and says if Lord wills this, who are we to stop Aru.

Tanvi says then leave from this house, if Aru has to get this baby in world. Manjunath says losing respect in society is like death, there is no way. Aru

says fine, I will leave from this city to save your name.

Aarav is at the dhaba and asks the waiter to get wine. He pays money and drinks wine. He thinks of Aru’s words. Some men talk about wife’s pestering. They go to Aarav and ask him why is he drinking so much. Aarav says it was perfect plan, I ended chapter and was moving on, but she got pregnant, how to deal with this now, one girl goes and other comes. The men asks whats your sorrow. Aarav says I m angry on myself, the girl is very low than standard, why did I go to her, why did I waste my time. He recalls Aru’s words and his friend who provoked him to try Aru. He leaves from there.

Aarav sits in his car and waits for his friend. He sees his friend and beats him. His friend asks what did I do, why are you beating me. A guy asks Aarav to leave him, whats his mistake. Aarav says his mistake is Aru, and beats him more. He reminds the challenge and says you made me meet Aru, she got pregnant, I will not leave you. Kailash comes there and gets shocked. He stops Aarav and asks what happened, you are drunk. Aarav says baby is going to come, Aru is pregnant with my child. Kailash asks what, why do you drink if you can’t digest, you are drunk and lying. Aarav says I m saying truth. Kailash stops him. Aarav says you can ask Aru. Kailash says if this is true then… Aarav says I told that mad woman to do abortion, but she is not agreeing, I have an idea, call Aru and ask her to do abortion. Kailash asks Verma to make Aarav sit in the car. Kailash worries.

Aru tells Sanjeevani that she will leave, she can’t stay here, she is educated and can manage. Tanvi says let her go, else who will marry my Nikki. Aru says I m not going away from your heart Maa. Ashwin says you won’t go anywhere Aru, you manage your baby, but I will manage my daughter, I will support you in your every decision. Manjunath says but I don’t agree, my heart is not big, Aru broke my self esteem, I m ashamed of myself, I will take my decision myself. Renuka says I will talk to Manjunath.

Kailash gets Aarav home and tells everyone that Aru is pregnant. They all get shocked. Parul says this can’t happen, maybe there is confusion. Aarav says yes, maybe its someone else’s child. Kailash says I called that clinic, Aarav took Aru for abortion, I will take decision. Padma says we will pay money to Aru. Kailash says you won’t say in this matter, now its time to tell Aarav that I m his father. Padma says Aarav does not want to marry Aru. Kailash asks Radheshyam to take Padma to her room, if anyone talks in this matter, I m warning, relation will spoil, get out. Padma leaves.

Parul asks shall I say something. Kailash says I know what you want to say, wait. He calls Ashwin. Ashwin asks why did you call. Kailash says your anger is justified. Ashwin says you would have known our pain if this happened with your daughter. He ends call. Parul asks what will we do now.

Renuka tells Ashwin that Manjunath is angry and silent, don’t know whats going on in his heart. Kailash comes to their house at night and meets Ashwin and everyone. Ashwin taunts him. Kailash apologizes and says now its not a matter of right and wrong, its about the baby, I m unlucky man having a son like Aarav, maybe this is punishment of my mistakes, I should have slapped Aarav when he did first mistake, I was helpless and did not do this, give me a chance to rectify this mistake. Aru hears them. Kailash says I want to take Aru and the baby home, by getting Aru and Aarav married, don’t refuse. Ashwin says my daughter is not furniture to keep her or kick her out, Aru won’t go, you apologized before too. Kailash begs to him. Ashwin says I m Aru’s father, not her enemy, to send her to your psycho son, if you did not manage your son, why will Aru manage. Kailash says I want to talk to Aru once. Ashwin says no. Kailash says I won’t go, I will take Aru with me right now.

Aru meets Kailash. Kailash asks her to come home, and promises that Aarav can’t harm her, I m there, Parul, Maa and Ahana are there with you, you will be there as my daughter, this baby is our heir, don’t punish me. She says don’t fold hands infront of me, if Aarav left me at this point, how will anyone make my life better, if Aarav does not want to accept his child, I don’t want Trivedi’s name and your pity, this baby is mine, he will be known by Arundhati Bharadwaj’s name, this is my last decision.

Aru tells her baby that baby will come in the world. Aarava says I will not let the baby come in the world and that will end my tension.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    How can aarav be so self-fish… he is behaving like play boy who want to play with heart and emotions of girl…

    Good decision done by Aaru… and best part is when she says that her baby will be known by Arundhati Chaturvedi…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes I agree this aarav is mentally unstable i think due to depression after his mom left him and his family he is bad because of this but is not also he is kind hearted or all that but he still have a soft corner and his character is not entirely negative just grey shaded and arav character is very diff compared to other heroes in other serials like usually they show guys r bad but they kind hearted and they will never stoop so low, unlike arav and also i loved the fact they made aru a sensible character here like if it was other serial girls they will agree and come into the guy house and drama. This drama is very diff but hard to understand like u have to see it from day 1 to know what is going on, i only watch this and ishqbaaz regularly as I m very busy these days with studies


        This show is based on film Kya Kehna as per my thinking: Where aarav is like saif ali khan and aarundhati is like preeti zinta; becoz till now this all is connected somewhere with film.

        And yes i agree with u in this adding that spoil of aarav is also done by his bua..

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