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Baazigar 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Rishi that I m fed up of old things, I will make my seven star project abroad. Rishi asks why are you telling this business plan to me. Aarav says you are part of this, you will handle my company’s PR. Rishi asks him does he not miss Aru, her life ruined because of you, you have spent much time with her, don’t you care. Aarav says I get happy and think of my victory when I hear her name.

Aru sits crying. She says your name hurts my heart, I loved you so much, you ended my existence. Aarav says she challenged my existence, she had enmity with me. She says I accepted your enmity and hatred, why this relation then. He says no relation can bound me, I don’t regard anyone mine, all relations are puppet shows, it happens what I want, because I m God of my life.

Aru cries and thinks of him. Chadariya jeeni re jeeni……….

Aarav signs on some papers and attends meeting. The man says this deal is done, but you are funny. Aarav shouts and says this was not a joke. He starts laughing and says you all have weak hearts, this was a joke, I have a dream to make 7 star hotels in world’s best cities, we have to work hard. They all leave. The manager tells Aarav that he has invested all savings and shares, I have seen you, you worked hard and earned this, you should rethink. Aarav says Ghosh Babu, if thinking gets deep, decisions fall weak. Ghosh says there is risk. Aarav says you call this risk, follow me.

Ashwin tells Aru that I got Manjunath early from temple. Aru says I m better now. Manjunath asks Sanjeevani about Aru’s reports. Sanjeevani lies and says I have to talk to Ashwin. He goes on some call.

Aarav stands in the open window and looks down. He says risk means danger, there can’t be bigger risk than jumping down this building, will you jump if I give you crores of money. Ghosh says I don’t want money, I will die. Aarav says 5 crores. Ghosh says I can’t take this big risk. Aarav says I m not afraid of anyone, I will risk. He does not jump and fools Ghosh. He says Ghosh, you really got old, I was giving you 5 crores to jump, I did not say which side to jump, I take risk when I m sure, you lost your 5 crores, there is good news for you, you can spend time with family now, you are fired. Ghosh gets shocked.

Ashwin asks Aru to have sweets. Aru gets nausea and goes to her room. Sanjeevani says I will see her. Manjunath says she may have acidity. Kailash asks Aarav did you fire Ghosh, you know he is working for our company since long. Aarav says since 30 years and even then he complains like a kid, old is useless. Kailash asks Ghosh to go, I will meet later. He takes Aarav with him. He asks Aarav what does he get by hurting others, if you don’t change, you will be alone in the world, I know you don’t care, but your doings matter to me, I m scared thinking if your doings ruin you, so think and understand, don’t get late that you don’t chance to repent for mistakes.

Ashwin asks Sanjeevani to call clinic for reports. Tanvi gets toy baby and gives to Aru. Aru gets shocked. Tanvi asks Aru what is she seeing, you will be trained to manage baby. Ashwin asks whats this nonsense. Tanvi says you will lose senses, you have sweets, Aru is pregnant. Renuka, Manjunath and Ashwin get shocked. Ashwin asks are you mad, you always think wrong for us, you are blaming Aru, her character is so pure that she always made me proud, her marriage broke as Aarav was not suitable for her, I can kick you out of this house.

Tanvi smiles and asks Ashwin to ask Sanjeevani. He say I don’t need to ask anyone. Sanjeevani cries and says Tanvi is saying true, Aru is pregnant. Ashwin and everyone get shocked. Ashwin says this can’t happen. Tanvi says just wait for nine months, you will believe then. Manjunath asks Aru why did they cheat them, I felt problem is with grah, the problem is in you, if your character is bad, how will grah be right, I did many prayers and thought how can wrong happen with you, we did not know you are wrong. Aru cries. Ashwin packs Aru’s clothes and throws infront of Aru. He asks Aru to leave from this house. Aru cries.

Sanjeevani says Aru loved Aarav. Ashwin kicks her out of the house. Aru goes to meet Aarav while he is giving a presentation in his office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Poor aru so sad I feel bad for her her family should have listened to her once and I wonder how Arav will react upon hearing the news I don’t think he will still reject her for sure, but I m sure Arav will truly fall for Aru soon

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I mean he will still reject her for sure


        Yes, he will ask her to abort the child… but he will not believe it easily thay child is his but will ask for abortion….

  2. Twist and turns everyday….aarav’s acting is nice….waiting for real romance between aru and aarav

  3. Arus family is so irritating???
    wah…maja aa geya…he is funny na!!
    d coolest part is his

  4. RiyaDcruz

    Feeling bad for aru………….


    This show is now going like film Kya Kehna… where all the incidences are same except the other lead…

    And it is so bad that even after knowing the truth arav will not accept aru…

  6. Vitsal Seth I love you

  7. can’t see aaravs hatred anymor..poooor aaru..when aarv will fall for her in real?

  8. Aarav will reject her & trick her by calling to place whr all surogate mothers present & police will reach there

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