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Baazigar 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru recalling Aarav and crying. She throws all the cards and gifts. She says you did not do this right Aarav, by making me your life and snatching my life. Rishi asks Aarav where is he doing. Aarav leaves in his car. He drives angrily. Rishi asks Padma where did Aarav leave in anger. She says he is burning in hatred, his old wounds got fresh. Aarav recalls his parents’ fight. Padma says Aarav’s hatred fire will be calmed by other fire, he is going where he always goes.

Aru burns all memories of Aarav. Aarav goes to the graveyard and recalls his mother. He sits crying. Pandit says people are scared of graveyard, the people whose families die also does not stay here for long, no one sits here, why do you come here. Aarav says my bitter memories get me here, I came here

to see if my bitter memories can be burnt. Pandit goes.

Sanjeevani is worried thinking of Aru’s pregnancy test. Ashwin asks why is she worried. She says nothing, Maa had to go to temple for aarti, will you take her, I m not feeling well. Renuka says its fine, we will leave. Ashwin and Renuka leave. Tanvi and Nikki look on. Sanjeevani calls and asks for Aru’s reports. The man says I m getting reports. Nikki asks Tanvi what disease is it, whats Aru suffering from. Tanvi gets thinking and says we have to be alert, we can know this by seeing reports. Aru says some people get new birth by getting cheated in love, it will be second birth from me.

Pandit tells other pandit that Aarav comes here to forget his sorrow. The other pandit blesses Aarav to get loved ones. Aru and Aarav cry. Sanjeevani gets the report and checks. She gets shocked seeing pregnancy positive. She cries. Tanvi tells Nikki that we have to find this out. Aru goes to Sanjeevani and says Papa wanted me to kick out Aarav from my life, I have removed him and all the signs that linked me with him, now I will move on for myself and my family. Sanjeevani slaps her and asks how will you end Aarav’s biggest sign. Aru asks what. Sanjeevani says that’s growing in your womb. Aru gets shocked. Sanjeevani asks her to see reports, you are going to become mother. Aru sits in shock.

Sanjeevani says how could you do this, you were our ideal daughter, our pride, you will be mother without getting married, child after marriage is called Lord’s gift and if child is born without marriage, its called illegitimate, why did you break our trust, mistake is done by both, but society blames the girl, they will trouble you and not let you live, you should have given us poison. Aru says but we got married Maa.

FB shows Aru and Aarav visiting a temple on three months completion of their engagement. The man says its auspicious day, Shiv and Parvati united, when a guy gives sindoor to a girl and take rounds around idol, its believed that they got married. Aru says Aarav, you came here with me, its enough, I know you don’t believe on Lord, no need to go against your own wish for me, this is my promise. She goes inside temple and smiles seeing the couples doing those rituals. Aarav comes inside temple. She gets surprised seeing him and asks Aarav you here. He fills her maang and she smiles happily.

Aarav takes rounds with Aru and tells pandit that their relation does not depend on any grah nakshatra, this sindoor is my love color. She smiles. Aarav covers her with red chunri. She says your color entered every bit of me. Naina milgaye piya se……plays………….. Aru smiles seeing sindoor in her maang. Aarav hugs her. She holds his hand and he lifts her in arms. They leave in his car and go for long drive. The car stops while it starts thundering. Aarav says car is not starting and checks the car. It rains and they sit inside the car.

She plays game of looking in each other’s eyes, whoever winks first will lose game. He says lets see, who wins and who loses. He kisses her hand. Ang laga de re…….plays……… He gets close and kisses her. They get intimate. FB ends. Aru says I m saying truth, Aarav and I married in temple, he is my husband. Sanjeevani gets shocked.

Tanvi gets a baby doll and taunts Aru. She tells Ashwin that Aru is pregnant. Ashwin and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u amena 4 ur fast update waiting 4 d remaining part.

  2. Tanvi’s character should end. I just dislike watching her.

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