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Baazigar 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav scolding manager for getting wrong pic. He creates a scene and says this is real confusion, second woman is who breaks home and ruins relations, that’s why society does not accept second woman easily. Parul cries. Tanvi says I know what happened to Aru, she told me. Sanjeevani asks what. Tanvi says you look very worried, Aru did not wish to tell me, but she told me. She smiles and says I know it now, Aru is sleeping, she will get up in sometime and its matter of few months, everything is hurt in such time, just pray that Aru manages herself. Sanjeevani gets shocked.

Aarav says manager, this is my Maa and this is Kailash and his second wife, this is Parul, my Maa’s younger sister, she is my Parul Maasi. Parul cries. Aarav says you ruined my Maa’s house and became

my stepmum. Kailash says you think you can hurt us by your poisonous talk, you are wrong, Parul is my wife, your Maa’s younger sister, she has loved you more than her own son, you don’t realize her love, you can’t value it, I don’t feel shame to call her my wife, she is my soul mate. Aarav asks what did you say, soul mate, you know you were born in great era, where you call your wife’s sister as soul mate, you are enjoying behind relations. Kailash raises hand, and everyone get shocked.

Sanjeevani asks what are you saying Tanvi. Tanvi says I can see clearly what you are hiding. Parul stops Kailash and says let Aarav say what he wants. Aarav says if you raised hands on your illegitimate relations on time, this day would have not come, you could not be loyal to my mum or anyone, it would have been better if I was orphan than being your son. Padma smiles. Aarav leaves. Padma asks Kailash not to say anything to Aarav, its your wedding anniversary today, be happy, I will explain Aarav. Kailash hugs Parul. Ahana and Rishi look on.

Tanvi says everyone knows that Aru has love fever, no doctor can cure it. She asks Sanjeevani to have haldi milk, you need this more now, I will go and get Aru’s reports. Sanjeevani says you don’t need to go, I will manage. Tanvi gets doubtful. Sanjeevani cries and asks Aru to get fine, I m worried.

Padma goes puja and puts flowers on Aarav’s mum’s pic. Her husband says you hate them and every year you light ghee diya infront of this pic. She says you don’t understand, that sometimes we have to freshen up memories to take revenge, she is my first Bhabhi, I m playing games in this house because of her. Aarav calls his friend and says we have to cancel abroad plan, my passport did not come.

Ahana comes and asks whats your problem, you won’t change right, why do you hate Parul, she loves you more than me, she married Papa, she did not do any crime, I m talking to you, tell me, when mom gets reason to be happy, why do you hurt her. He ignores her and goes to storeroom to get batteries. She gets angry and locks the storeroom, saying even I know how to take revenge of Maa’s tears, I know you are scared of darkness, now stay there. She switches off lights. He says Ahana, open the door, you will have to pay for this. He shouts for Bua and others for help.

Ashwin asks Sanjeevani about Aru’s reports. She says reports did not come. Aru wakes up. Ashwin asks how are you now, where did you go. Aru says I went to meet Aarav to get my answers. She tells them everything what Aarav told her and why he took revenge from her. She says this happened because of that one slap, he acted to love me to take revenge. She cries and says all that emotions and promises were fake, he never loved me, if I did not slap him, you all would have not seen this day, I m so sorry, you all got insulted because of me. Sanjeevani hugs her and consoles. Ashwin says one who raises hand on wrong is never wrong, I m proud that you slapped Aarav, you have to become more strong. Aru cries and says this did not happen right.

Aarav cries and bangs the door. He shouts Maa and recalls his childhood, Kailash and his mum’s fights. Kailash asks her not to fight, not to doubt and not think negative, Aarav will think you are mad. He calls her mad and asks her to leave the house. Aarav gets scared. The lights come. Padma opens the door. Aarav goes out and hugs Padma. She asks him to calm down. She smiles seeing his state. She gives him water and asks how did Ahana do this, she told everyone that you are scared of darkness, she called you weak. Aarav shouts I m not weak, and not scared of anyone, I will not leave Ahana. Padma stops him and asks what will you do.

Aarav angrily goes to Ahana and says you are hiding here by locking me there. Ahana cries. Padma looks on. Aarav scolds her and asks what type of sister are you. She says sorry. He asks her to say sorry, I will never do it again. He says I m leaving you as you are my sister, but never ever do it again. He leaves.

Aru recalls Ashwin’s words to erase her memories. She says Papa said right, I can’t move on by looking behind, I have to erase Aarav’s name, feelings and identity from my heart.

Aarav tells pandit that bitter memories get him here. Aru tells Sanjeevani that Aarav and I married in temple, he is my husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wo…loved Arav today….

  2. Kathy

    Baazigar spoiler ….

    Aarav’s new side is seen. He is drinking and is in sorrow. He is missing Arundhati and her memories are bothering him. Aarav gets to know that Arundhati is pregnant with his child. Aarav wants Aru to abort the child. Aru refuses to abort the baby. Kailash decides to do Aru’s grahpravesh at home and give her status and rights of Aarav’s wife. Aarav and his dad Kailash have an argument. Aarav is upset.

  3. Kathy

    So aru n arav secretly married ….

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    I felt so bad for Arav today. Vatsal should try positive roles he is good in it 🙂 and one thing is sure arav is not negative here he is grey-shaded he did this due to his bitter past I think only aru will make him completely positive


      I think same too but one more thing that is i think aarav mom due to her nature left aarav and his masi married his father but due to dual vamp padma and tannvi aarav and aaru life is such hetic… show is sometime make me confuse…

  5. Thnx for the update

  6. Oh,,,their love story will be interesting

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