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Baazigar 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav spraying some liquid on Aru. She wakes up as he puts water on her. He ignites fire by lighter. She asks what are you doing. He says preparing to kill you. She runs and knocks door for help. He says I wanted to see this fear on your face, you will die, but not today, keep thinking when will I kill you, I promise, you will see danger at every step now, live your life, who knows which moment is last, your countdown begins now. She goes to bathroom to clean the spray effect from her body. She takes a bath and reads his warning on the mirror. She says I can’t get afraid, I have to be careful and make this fear my strength.

Its morning, Kailash sees Aru worried and asks her whats the matter. He says I m with you, don’t worry. He asks Parul did she do puja arrangements.

Parul says yes. He asks about reporters. Aarav says reporters have come, I have seen photoshoot arrangements. Kailash says thanks, I will declare to world that Aru will manage the business now, its good you understood, you felt none is better than you, Aru broke your illusion, she proved she is more smart and talented than you.

Kailash and Aru go for photoshoot. The man sets the lights. Aru gets her pics clicked. Kailash says Aru’s name should be in every newspaper tomorrow. The media guy says don’t worry, we will handle this. Aarav says tomorrow, Trivedi family name will be in headlines, I will decide the breaking news.

He says I have seen death from close, now its Aru’s turn, I have screw of the light hanging over Aru’s head. Aru moves back and the light falls down. They get shocked. The man says someone removed the screw, I think its done intentionally. Kailash says don’t give me excuses. Aarav comes and sees Aru fine. Aru sees Aarav. He shows her the screw. He thinks this was just a trailer, this puja will be memorable for you, all the best. Aru worries.

Aru thinks of Aarav’s words and thinks what will he do to kill me. Aarav gets some poison bottles and says I missed to kill you, but not now, puja is happening to celebrate your victory, this happiness will change to sorrow soon. Aru sits in puja and does the rituals. She thinks of Aarav’s words and thinks she has to be alert, she will make everything fresh. She goes.

Kailash gets a call and worries. He signs Parul to come with him. She asks what happened. He says there is imp work, I will just come. She asks is there any problem. He says yes, its serious problem, I will solve it and come. He goes. Aru comes back and sits in puja.

Kailash goes to some room. Aarav catches him and ties him with rope. Kailash asks are you not ashamed to do this with your father, leave me. He shouts. Aarav says you made this room to enjoy, sound does not go out from here. Aarav shows Kailash’s fav sweets to him and asks him to eat it. Kailash says you got mad, I don’t understand, tell me what do you want, everyone is waiting, let me go, I won’t eat this.

Aarav says fine, Aru has to pay this price. Kailash asks what did you do. Aarav says anything can happen. Kailash says you won’t do anything, I will eat it. Aarav says that’s better and feeds him. Aarav says nothing will happen to Aru, you will be affected by this poison, you will die. Kailash gets shocked.

Parul waits for Kailash. Aarav says like I suffered, you will also suffer. Kailash gets dizzy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rasha Mossarraf

    I have quit watching this serial . These writers don’t have any sense of humour . jotokkhon porjonto aarav ke positive character na daoya hobe ami ai serial dekhbo na . Please writers don’t spoil this serial .

  2. Crazy stupid show,what’s the story? Doesn’t have one I think

  3. Boring…. they are killing aarv’s character..

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