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Baawre 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini saying her lines and Nikumbh watching her act with other actor. She cries and brings emotions in the drama. She says Shakuntala’s lines. Everyone claps after her lines end. Yamini and Nikumbh smile seeing each other. He says lets take a break now. Everyone leave and Nikumbh stops Yamini. He says great performance, seriously, I did not think you will do so well, my hard work is accomplished now, I gave you tasks but it was my test also, it we both passed together. She smiles. He says you are perfect Shakuntala now, maybe in real life too. She says don’t praise so much. I m feeling very happy that you trusted me. I wanted this to happen. He says I knew you can do it. She says we trust each other, it’s a perfect team.

Nikumbh nods yes. He says you can go home if you

want. She thinks. He stops and says yes say. She says will I get anything in return. He says tell me what gift do you want, but I won’t come in the engagement function. She says but Azam……. He says I know to keep friendship, but don’t want, don’t insist, this is my final decision. She thinks about his words. She stops him and reminds him his words that she is asking for this wish, its her wish, he has to come for her. She says I will be with you, not leave you alone, please come.

He asks do you care. She says you do care about me, I will do what I feel is right for you. He asks do you know me. She asks him to agree now as he has promised. He says fine, but for sometime. She says clothes according to function. Azam comes and says Nikumbh surrendered, finally. They smile. The narrator says Nikumbh is in friendship and Yamini is claiming her right on him now. Nikumbh was broken when his girlfriend left him then he did not give her place to anyone, Yamini is knocking his heart now, but why.

Niikumbh sees some old pics and sees his girlfriend’s pic. He goes into the flashback. Kise puchun……………..plays………….Nikumbh was very happy with her and gifted her glass bangles, which annoyed her and she called him a poor guy. She asks him to talk to his dad about her and said she does not like the gift and his madness. She says my family is after me to get married, earn high and marry me. She gives the bangles back and leaves. Nikumbh throws the bangles and stands on it.

Azam comes and sees Nikumbh crushing the pics in anger. He keeps the pics back. Nikumbh says now he won’t come for the engagement, I m not feeling well. Azam says don’t do this, Yamini will feel bad. Nikumbh says I did not wish to come, she was insisting. He says you know the reason for this Azam, I won’t come. He leaves annoyed. Yamini tells Dadi that she is very happy and excited to go in the party and meet her friends. Dadi pulls her leg. Yamini says I made Nikumbh agree to come. Dadi says so you are happy that he is coming.

She says Azam wants to impress Shaheen and her family, I would have got bored in the party. Raghavendra comes and asks her what party. Yamini gets tensed.

Yamini says Shaheen’s sister’s engagement party. He asks when is it. Yamini says today. He says so you are getting ready for it. She says yes. He says so everything is decided. Dadi asks Raghavendra to stop it. He gets angry and asks how did Yamini decide. He says I was out for two days and things changed here, how did you start thinking and deciding. She says sorry, I was going to tell you and go. He asks Dadi not to spoil Yamini. He asks where is it. She says the address. He says even I have to go there, no I mean I often go there. He says fine, driver will drop you, go and enjoy with friends. Dadi and Yamini get happy. Yamini thanks him.

He asks did she take a gift. She says we all contributed and bought a gift. She says you are different, buy a standard gift. He gives her money. Yamini says we got saved today. Azam is deciding his clothes and shows the tie Shaheen gifted him. Nikumbh cooks noodles and eats it. Azam tells about Yamini and says how could he deny now after saying he will come. He asks what will I tell her if she asks. Nikumbh says tell anything. Azam’s mum says someone came to meet you. Azam says send here. Nikumbh says I don’t want to spoil everything there.

Shaheen’s driver comes and he gives Azam a sherwani. Azam is glad and thanks him. Azam sees it and gets a letter in it. He reads it and smiles. Nikumbh takes the letter and reads it. Shaheen designed the sherwani for him, see you soon Azam. Azam says that’s it? Fine, this is the beginning, she is worrying for me, then she will love me soon. He asks Nikumbh to come. Nikumbh says don’t be excited, she is rich and might felt you will spoil her name with bad getup so she has send this.

Azam says you are a negative man, people will not think good according to you, if anything bad happened with me, will it happen with everyone, many people are in love and will marry, you are still stuck in past. Nikumbh says I was saying as I worry for you. Azam says I will do this by my happiness and can’t hurt my friends, fine if you don’t want to come, but you are my friend, think yourself.

Yamini comes in the party and calls Nikumbh. He cuts her call. She asks Azam is he coming. Azam says he won’t come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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