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Baawre 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi coming to Yamini at the market and bringing her debit card. She asks her to take this and buy the gift. Yamini says if dad knows this. Dadi says I will deposit money. Yamini buys the gift by using the card. Raghavendra gets the notice sms from bank that card is used. He calls his wife and asks who used the card. She says I did not, Dadi and Yamini went out. Yamini shows the scooter’s miniature and smiiles. Dadi likes it and says Nikumbh will be happy seeing this. Nikumbh rehearses for te lights and says here comes Shakuntala. Yamini comes smiling. Bhatak le baawre……………plays………… Nikumbh is stunned by her entry and stares at her.

He says you came at right time and she brings the gift for him. She thinks why is she scared of him. He says there is something

fishy. She gifts him and says this is for you. He looks at it and smiles asking whats this. She says don’t worry, it’s not bomb but a small gift. He says I won’t take this. She says I wanted tto thank you, atleast see this once. He says I don’t like this gifting system. She insists but he keeps refusing to take it. She gets annoyed and says he has the habit to hurt people. He turns to look at her.

She says take this, either keep or throw it, but can’t you see it once for me. Nikumbh thinks why does she complicate things. I don’t want gift. He says try to understand, I m sorry. She says I understood, its fine with me. She stars emotional blackmail and keeps the gift there. She leaves. Nikumbh thinks of her words and opens the gift. He sees it’s a scooter miniature and gets a note in it. He reads it. She writes I know you don’t like gifts, but its just a memory of your scooter. If everything ends, memories always stays alive. Nikumbh smiles seeing it.

Yamini is angry and talks to herself. She sees a gift on her table and says who has sent it for me. She opens the gift and sees her earring which was with Nikumbh. She smiles and has got the pair back now.She says great Nikumbh.

She says I have to know how you liked my gift, but why should I call you Mr Khadus. Nikumbh calls Azam and says I m waiting for Yamini, I will call her if she does not come and say sorry to her. He calls Yamini and she comes from behind. She says this is wrong, you have hurt me and now did this. He asks what. She says you did not let me do what I wanted, and you gifted me this earring back. She shows him wearing it. He thinks about Azam returning it. She says you had problem with gifts, why did you give me. He says Azam………., I mean I had to give it. They have a talk. He says today was the right time. She smiles and says I did not know you are like this.

He says you don’t know me. She asks how did you like my gift. He says good, very good. Such gifts have wishes true, lots of thanks. She says thank God you liked it. He says I m sorry for being rude. She says its fine. We got good gifts and can’t refuse. He says yes, I should learn from you. She says then I will prepare a task for you. They both laugh. Azam talks to Yamini and asks about Shaheen’s sister Mehnaz’s engagement, so what should he wear. She says go for shopping and take Nikumbh too.

Azam says he won’t come in happy functions, he is Devdas. She asks is he like this always, maybe something happened. Azam says actually he loved a wrong girl. Nikumbh comes and he stops saying. Yamini asks Nikumbh to come in the function and insists. Nikumbh says Azam might have told her this. Azam says do what you do. Nikumbh says I won’t go. Yamini says why, Shaheen says she kept your poetry program. Nikhumb says no and leaves.

Yamini asks whats this. Azam says he does this drama daily. Yamini says I will bring him. Azam says he won’t come. Yamini says he will come, have to do something. Nikumbh asks about Yamini and comes in the kitchen to see her cooking Pakodas. He says he came to ask for tea, I will make it. She says yes, I forgot. He is shocked seeing her know nothing about cooking and holds his face smiling. Raggavendra comes home and asks his wife Sumitra where is Yamini and Dadi, He says I came back to know about them and goes to see. He looks for the card.

Yamini is confident that everyone will be happy after having her pakodas. He sees she is not making good and tastes the burnt one. He says great, amazing. She says don’t lie, I can see its burnt. He says you kept everyone’s heart. She says yes, we should do what we don’t feel good, for our loved ones. He says oh, so this is to take me in engagement. She says I learnt from you. She says go for Azam’s sake. He says if I go there, I will spoil everything, you go with Azam. She says you know him since childhood. He says I will give tea to all.

Yamini says Mr Nikumbh Sharma, you are rude like this Pakodas. Raghavendra is angry and says Yami I is her own enemy, I won’t let this happen.

Yamini tells Dadi that she convinced Nikumbh to come in party. Nikumbh refuses to Azam that he won’t come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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