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The Episode starts with Yamini meeting everyone happily after she won over her fear of darkness. Everyone smile seeing her. Shaheen hugs her. Nikumbh brings Yamini out and asks her to close her eyes. She says ok and closes her eyes. He says I took all your tests, tougher, but you did, so I thought to test me today, I heard a girl had a childhood dream to see full moon under the sky, open the eyes and see dreams fulfills for whom who want to fulfill.He shows her the moon. She asks for me. He says for Shakuntala. She says the moon looks alone. He says yes and brings the stars on projection. She smiles. She thanks him for this beautiful sight. She says I wish there was air. He says demands are increasing and makes air flow by the fans. He asks anything else.

She says no, its perfect now. He says so this

is from me. The snow flakes falls on them and music plays…………….They have an eyelock. Bhatak le baawre…………….plays…………..She takes the snow flakes in her hand and smiles. Nikumbh sees her dancing and enjoying and stares at her smiling. He says I wanted this moment to be memorable to you, you should feel happiness to feel victory. She says but how did you do this, no one did this for me, who told you I like all this. He says I know you now. She thanks him and asks how did this happen. He says yes, I will look Baawre, but I want to do what nothing happened in Lucknow, that level of theatre, never seen before, I will do that.

He asks if you have anything in your heart, tell me. She says nothing, but I will ask later. She says I want to be lost in this. Baawre……………..plays……………..Yamini dances happily and smiling. The narrator says so Yamini became Shakuntala. Nikumbh has made the scared Yamini a bold Shakuntala. Yamini does not know but her life is not changing, and Nikumbh is himself changing, they are friends now and are bringing new colors, I feel they will be married soon, maybe not, but will be friends for sure.

Its morning, Yamini tells everything to Dadi and Dadi sleeps. Yamini wakes her up and asks her to hear her story. Dadi says I was awake all night because of you, and I lied a lot, your mum questioned me a lot. Yamini says sorry, you helped me a lot. Yamini says I did not know I have so much in me, I can also do what I wish, live my life, fail my fears, fulfill my dreams, I realized all this after meeting Nikumbh, I don’t know I became Shakuntala or not, but I became Yamini. He fulfilled my dream yesterday and tells her everything.

Yamini says it was very beautiful sight, I m very thankful to Nikumbh. Dadi smiles and says be happy always like this. She says if wishes get fulfilled, it looks good, like my story. Yamini asks what, tell me. Dadi tells her story when she met her husband for the first time. Dadi cries and shows Dada ji’s first gift to her, a pen. She says that day was very special to me. Yamini hugs her and says how do you know if anyone can become our friend or not. Dadi says we just understand, if our live become easy and simple with someone.

Yamini thinks about Nikumbh and smiles. Bhatak le Baawre…………….plays……………..She says yes, its happening with me, Nikumbh is making everything easy. Dadi says that I can see, tell me, is anything going on. Yamini says what. Dadi laughs. Yamini says no, I want to thank him with a gift. Dadi says he is rude, will he take gift from you. Yamini says if I buy something he can’t refuse, then……….

Yamini comes for shopping gift for Nikumbh with Shaheen. Yamini sees a scooter miniature and likes it. She thinks Nikumbh lost his scooter on the riots and says this will be perfect for Nikumbh. Shaheen says yes, its perfect, final this, rate is also reasonable. Yamini says how to take money from Shaheen. She says I m not sure he will like this or not. Shaheen says I heard from Azam, that Nikumbh does not like gifts. Someone else comes and takes that scooter which is of Rs 5000. Yamini leaves.

Nikumbh talks to Azam. He sees a earring. Azam asks is this still here. Nikumbh thinks its Yamini’s. Azam asks whats going on. Nikumbh says don’t use your mind. Azam asks him to tell the truth that he don’t want to return this. Yamini counts the money and says if someone buys that scooter, then what. Dadi asks shall I ask your mum. Yamini says no, she will tell dad. Dadi asks then what. Yamini says you tell me. Dadi says how can I. Yamini says think something. I m a star but dad manages my expenses. Yamini sees her earring.

Nikumbh and Azam talk about Yamini. Azam asks him to gift Yamini. Dadi says your dad gave this as a gift with love, don’t think this. Yamini says but what Nikumbh did for me, I have to gift him that too today itself, I will hear dad’s scold and tell him that I lost this earring. I learnt from Nikumbh that we should do what we feel is right. Nikumbh says I won’t give any gift, if someone gifts me, I will be burdened. Azam says leave it, if someone failed, how can you punish everyone. Azam calls him hitler.

Yamini comes to buy the gift and offers her earring. The shopkeeper asks what will I do with this earring, come when you have money. He asks her to call home and get money. She says I can’t. He says take this gift for Rs. 2000 and rest money a gift from me for city’s best singer. She says no, tell me can you give me in this money. He says come with Rs 5000 then. She looks at it and leaves.

Yamini gifts Nikumbh and he refuses to take it. She says you always hurt people. He turns and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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