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The Episode starts with Yamini talking to Dadi. She says she will control all her fears. The power goes and she panics. Dadi lights a candle and hugs her. Nikumbh thinks about the new task to be given to Yamini. Azam jokes and asks what is it.Nikumbh says this will be the last one and tough one, she will deal with her problems herself. Azam says you can get beaten up by this. He says I know, its my test now, if she can’t do this, the show will not be hit, my dreams start with this. Azam says don’t worry, everything will be fine, whats the task. Nikumbh says I noticed something about her, so its on that thing. Dadi asks Yamini not to be afraid of dark, how long will she live under fear.

Yamini says I tried, don’t know. Nikumbh calls Yamini and says the rehearsals will be in evening, not in morning.

She asks why, I can’t come late, my dad won’t allow. He says you talk to your dad, come, I will wait. She asks him to postpone the task, as her dad is going out of city. He says no, its time you become Shakuntala by finishing this task. He ends the call and she tells Dadi what Nikumbh said. Its morning, Shaheen meets Azam. She says I have to design clothes for Mehnaz’s engagement. He says congrats. She takes his measurements and he smiles. Tum bhi ho main bhi ho………………plays………….

She asks about Yamini. Azam says she will come in evening. She asks why in evening. Azam says I don’t know what is Nikumbh doing. Nikumbh arranges few items for the task. Nikumbh laughs off when someone tells him about ghosts in the haveli. Yamini tells Dadi that she will go after dad goes. She says if Nikumbh thinks why I m not coming, he will be mistaken. She says Maa should now know I m not at home. Dadi says don’t worry, are you tensed about task. Yamini says no, its last chance to face my fears and prove myself, I will do it. Dadi encourages her.

Raghavendra comes and says he is not going, the train is 3 hours late. Yamini gets tensed. Nikumbh waits for her at the haveli. Azam and Shaheen discuss will Yamini come. Azam teases Nikumbh. Shaheen says I will go and bring her. Nikumbh says no need, she will handle everything. Nikumbh calls Yamini and she looks at it.

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Yamini tells Nikumbh that she can’t come. He says she is useless. Raghavendra says whats this, so late trains. She asks his wife Sumitra to manage the house well in his absence and take care of Yamini. Yamini is glad as Raghavendra leaves. Dadi asks her to go now. Yamini says I will not disappoint you today and leaves. She comes to the haveli. Bhatak lena baawre………..plays………… Nikumbh opens the door and she says sorry for coming late. He smiles and says fine. She asks why is it so dark here. He says come with me.

Yamini asks him to switch on the lights as she is afraid. She says no one likes darkness, please. He says I can’t. She asks why, tell me where is switches, I will on it. He moves far and puts a torch on her face. She says don’t joke, tell me the task. He says this is the task. She looks at him. He asks her to fail her biggest fear, darkness. He leaves. She panics. Baawre……………plays……………

Yamini gets much scared and Nikumbh looks for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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