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Baawre 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh talking to Jamal that he won’t do any work with Yamini and will take a bank loan to manage him expenses. He gets a call from Amit and gets an ad opportunity for radio. He asks is he is interested in voiceover, he can come. Nikumbh is glad and says sure I will come. He says work came for my way. He sees Yamini there and stops. He taunts her and Raghavendra. She asks what are you saying. He says what did you do, don’t be straight. She says I did not come to talk to you. He says really, not about the show. She says no, I came to give you these things back. He asks whats this. She says as we are not friends now, take this back.

He says your dad came, you should have given to him. She says he came here? He says don’t overact, please keep it here and go from here. She

leaves and he looks at her. Yamini comes home and talks to Raghavendra. He says he met Nikumbh and opened the Mumbai doors. Nikumbh meets the radio people and is ready to do the voiceover. Raghavendra says Nikumbh has insulted him. She is shocked and asks what did he say. Yamini says you always wanted me to be away from Nikumbh then how did you change your mind. He says its work and business, where I have to see loss and profit.

He asks her to see and explain Nikumbh to get ready for the play. He leaves. Yamini gets worried. The radio chief says it was so great, Yamini was right, to recommend you. Nikumbh is shocked. The man says we contacted you on her saying. Dadi talks to Yamini and says I can’t feel Nikumbh is wrong or bad. Yamini says when am I saying. She says leave it now. Dadi asks her to work with Nikumbh. Dadi says I will talk to him. Nikumbh calls Yamini. Dadi asks her to take the call.

Nikumbh scolds her for recommending him and he is angry on her, as he has seen her real horrible face. He ends the call and Dadi also hears this. Yamini says sees Dadi, do you think you can handle it well. Yamini gets upset. Nikumbh is angry and thinks about her. He comes to Azam and see shim sad too. He tries to break the silence and says I will leave form here. Azam says yes, pack it, you won’t have time for me now, tell me where you are shifting. Nikumbh says I could not manage.

Nikumbh asks him about Shaheen. He asks him to patch up now and says sorry. He says the situation was bad so I behaved that way, but you are feeling like I have hurt you intentionally. He says fine, tell me when you anger goes. I m going now, take care. Nikumbh takes his items and leaves. Azam is upset. Yamini talks to Raghavendra. She says I did not talk to Nikumbh and I don’t think he will agree. He says I have did this final with the organizers, why did you not meet Nikumbh when I told you.

He says he agreed to what Nikumbh said and he has insulted me, even then I m favoring him. She asks what did he say. He says leave it, once your career is made, then we will leave small people, so I left my ego and focusing on you. He asks her to focus on her career and make Nikumbh agree for the show.

Azam talks to Nikumbh and shares about Shaheen and she has hurt him, as her marriage is fixed, he was roaming around her for five years and I got this news, she did not tell me but I got to hear this. I know I could not tell my feelings to her, but we are friends, she would have shared with me, I m angry and want to punish myself, I m going mad now. He slaps himself and says say something, show me some way. Nikumbh leaves. Yamini comes to meet Nikumbh at the haveli. He sees him having cold and high fever. She asks Jamal to get a doctor soon. She cares for him. Bhatak lena baawre…………….plays……………

Nikumbh asks who is it. Yamini says its me, how are you feeling now. He says fine. She says take care, I will leave now. Nikumbh asks why are you here at this time. She asks why did you tell my Papa that…….. my Papa asked me to convince you but I know you won’t do this play, don’t worry, I will tell my Papa. She is leaving. Nikumbh stops her and she looks at him. He says I m ready to do the play and she is shocked.

Nikumbh and Yamini argue again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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