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The Episode starts with Yamini rehearsing her line. Nikumbh looks on and asks what should Shakuntala do next. Yamini says now Shakuntala has to fight for her right, she has to take care of her son and herself. Nikumbh says very good. This is your next task and smiles. He says like you said how Shakuntala managed, she adapted and tried to survive, every actor should be adaptable. She says whats my next task. He says you ask how much tough it is. He says its not an easy one, it will shake you up. She gets tensed. Everyone discuss. Nikumbh says you will need much strength and courage. Nikumbh asks everyone to come with him. Azam says he knows Nikumbh.

Yamini thinks what is the task. Nikumbh says Lord can also not save you today. He asks her to have mutton dish. Yamini is shocked seeing non veg and covers

her mouth. She looks at Nikumbh. Nikumbh serves it to Yamini. She thinks whats this, he knows I don’t eat this, I can’t do this. He thinks so it’s the task. He says I knew you can’t do this, eat it in one min. Pyaare says how can anyone have non veg. Shaheen gets annoyed on Azam and leaves. Azam tells Nikumbh that this task is hard, she can’t do this. Nikumbh says suppose you are lost and you have only this to survive.

Raghavendra calls his wife and asks about Yamini. She says she left, she did not take tiffin. A man serves Raghavendra non veg food and he scolds him. He says we don’t eat non veg. Yamini says I can’t do this task, what it this, to have non veg. Nikumbh asks her to have it. Pyaare says don’t joke on her dharm. Nikumbh scolds him and he leaves. Azam asks Yamini not to worry. Yamini asks him to explain Nikumbh that she is not a puppet. Nikumbh says you came to me. Yamini says what will happen if I don’t eat this. Azam says we can’t get any new Shakuntala in so less time.

Nikumbh says I will bring a new one, everyone do their work, go. He asks Yamini to tell if she can’t do it. Yamini says you want to prove me weak and thinks to have one piece. She takes it towards her mouth and closes her eyes. Everyone look on. She keeps it back. She says sorry, I can’t do this task. Nikumbh says fine, I was sure you will do this, but I was wrong. He says thanks a lot for proving my trust wrong. Pyaare meets Nawab Sahab and tells Nikumbh’s non veg task asking him to stop Nikumbh.

Yamini thinks of her words. She takes the bowl. She is about to eat the mutton and Nawab Sahab stops her. He asks whats going on here, leave it Yamini. He scolds Nikumbh for forcing Yamini to do this against her wish. He says love your work, but don’t fall so low, I did not teach you this. Yamini says no and eats the mutton. Everyone is shocked. Nikumbh claps and says excellent, I wanted this. He says now you are close to Shakuntala. Nawab Sahab says are you mad, if her family knows, what will they say, what will I answer them. Everyone go against Nikumbh.

Pyaare says we will tell your family that its not your mistake. Yamini says it was not mutton, but soya bean. Nikumbh says yes, no mutton, I m not mad, but strict. He praises Yamini. Yamini says thanks for supporting me. He smiles. Azam flirts with Shaheen. Nikumbh asks Yamini to shout on him now as everyone is gone now. Yamini says now I m understanding you. He smiles and she asks whats this mark, are you hurt. He says yes, while cooking. He says I did not know you can get angry. Baawre…………..plays……….

They have food together. Bhatak bhatak le baawre…………….plays……………. Raghavendra eats veg food at the hotel and thinks about Yamini. Nikumbh praises Yamini to be so daring, why did she agree to eat mutton. She says I was hungry so I ate, He says what and coughs. Ek din hum bin bataye………….plays…………..She gives him water. She says I trust you that you won’t make me do anything wrong. He says I trust you that you will not break my trust, now I can blindly trust you, thanks. Teri galliyan…………..plays………… They smile and have an eyelock. Yamini talks to herself and says the next task will be more tough. She acts like Nikumbh. She says I will not break his trust.

Nikumbh asks Yamini to come. She says dad won’t allow. He asks hetr to come and waits for her. Yamini is stuck at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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