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The Episode starts with Nikumbh being upset and travelling in a boat. Ruke ruke se hum hai…………….plays…………. He thinks about Yamini and how she changed the play end, by cheating him and going against his creative decision. He writes that she has cheated him, to make her way easy, its a sin, but a mistake. He says you will get punished for this. He gets principal’s call asking him to come for the press conference. He says sure, I will come.

Azam talks to Nikumbh and asks him to have some food, as he is on hunger strike since yesterday. He says see this newspapers, the play has become a hit. Nikumbh says see tomorrow’s coverage, it will be double. Azam gets tensed seeing Nikumbh so serious. Yamini calls Nikumbh and he throws the phone. He says I hate you star Yamini Singh, I hate

you a lot. They come for the press conference and meet the principal. Nikumb says all this is for Yamini. The film director Tandon have a good talk with Yamini and Raghavendra. The principal brings Nikumbh there. Tandon praises Nikumbh’s play and says I liked the ending, Yamini’s monologue was amazing.

Nikumbh says no, we wanted to show something else, now I have realized my mistake and this won’t happen again. Nikumbh argues with Raghavendra and the principal calms them down. Yamini is hurt by Nikumbh’s taunts. Nikumbh is angry and goes away. Azam asks Nikumbh not to get angry. Nikumbh says see her, how she is sitting there normal, no guilt and no shame at all, she does not care so why should I care for her. She has used me, she is like her dad, selfish, see how I take both of them down in the media.

Azam says principal messaged asking you not to do any issue now. Yamini holds Nikumbh to stop him, and he looks at her angrily. She says sorry, just listen to me once. She asks him to hear what she wants to say. He scolds her for using him, sorry, but he is not a fool. She asks what did I do, I did this for play and you, everyone liked the play end. Nikumbh scolds her and they come to everyone. Ragavendra asks is everything fine. Yamini nods yes and looks at Nikumbh. She writes a message on the tissue paper. She writes sorry. Nikumbh crushes it and throws it.

Tandon offers Nikumbh to assist him in his film. Nikumbh thanks him and says I can’t leave Lucknow, I m focusing on theatre. Tandon says then follow your dreams if you are sure. Raghavendra tries to show him Yamini’s achievements. The principal asks Nikhumb to come with him. They leave. Raghavendra says I want her to go Mumbai and get a good role in films, she is very talented. Tandon says star and star material is not like we know, Yamini can go anytime, but we need to polish her.

The principal asks Nikumbh not to insult Yamini by arguing infront of Tandon. Tandon tells Raghavendra that he can make Nikumbh to Bollywod, he is an emotional fool but a true artist, his mentality and thoughts are true and he will teach everyone truly, so I advice you to let your daughter work with Nikumbh a lot. Yamini smiles. The press conference starts. Tandon initiates it. The media says congrats to Nikumbh for the successful play. Nikumbh thanks them.

Nikumbh and Yamini give the credit to each other. They sort of argue. The media asks them will they work again. Raghavendra asks Nikumbh to answer the media. Nikumbh leaves. Raghavendra asks him to come back and stop doing this drama as this is spoiling Yamini’s image. Nikumbh argues with him and taints him for doing all this selfish things. Yamini comes to him and asks him to hear her once. Nikumbh says sorry, acting does not look all the time. They go back to the press conference.

Raghavendra tells the media that the play belonged to Yamini, as she drew the crowd. He says no one would have come if Yamini was not in the play. The media asks Nikumbh to use Yamini’s name, why did you call us, he became a star with this play. Nikumbh asks them to talk well. The media asks him to say if he is jealous of Yamini. Nikumbh also says the same thing, and taunts Raghavendra. Nikumbh feels humiliated by Raghavendra’s insulting words. Tandon and the principal are shocked. Nikumbh leaves in anger. Yamini stops him and he gets angry on her and says I will remember this day.

Nikumbh says he will never work with Yamini. She hears this and says I will never come in your way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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