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The Episode starts with Yamini and Nikumbh doing their play with so intensity. She says I m not your love and wife Shakuntala, as you forgot me all these years. Nikumbh looks at her. The director sees their wonderful performances. They cross their ways and she stops, going against Nikumbh’s end. Dadi smiles. Nikumbh is shocked as she stops him saying Dushyant. Azam says what is she doing, Nikumbh will be annoyed. Yamini tells about her love, what about it, she always had hope that he will come finding her and will make everything happy. She says how can I turn seeing this truth, how wo make my love fail. Raghavendra smiles. Azam says we have to stop her, else it will be a problem.

Yamini says fate brought us together, we always gave tests and fate wants to meet us today. She holds his hand and

asks him will he let her fail. She makes him wear the ring. Everyone claps. The curtains fall. Nikumbh scolds Yamini for breaking his trust and his friendship she has done what she wanted, to take her career to a high, don’t come infront of me, else you won’t forget me. He leaves. She cries thinking of his words. Azam asks Yamini why did she do this. She says it was right and I did this for Nikumbh. Azam too scolds her. Shaheen says we have to manage things now. Yamini asks where is Nikumb. Pyaare says Shaheen your family is calling you. She leaves.

Nikumbh thinks about the play end, which was not planned by him. How Yamini hugged him and made Shakuntala and Dushyant unite. He cries as he feels she has cheated him. Azam comes to him and sees him very angry. He tries to talk to him. Nikumbh says how should I let her go, after doing this, I trusted her and she became my friend, all this was her planning, her ego, her way, she had to become the star of the show by cheat, she broke my dreams and I supported her. I trusted her more than myself, want she did on stage I can’t bear this.

Dadi comes to Yamini and is happy. Yamini tells her that she changed the play end even after Nikumbh stopped her. She says I thought audience will like this and he will not get angry, but I was wrong, he is hating me now. She says don’t know I did very bad for him, he did so much for me, will I do wrong for him intentionally. She cries. Dadi says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Yamini says why don’tt anyone explain him. The principal calls upon the play team on the stage. Everyone comes except Nikumbh and Yamini. The principal asks them to come. Raghavendra calls Yamini and Dadi takes her call.

Dadi says she has headache, she is not well, she can’t come. Shaheen calls Azam and asks him to bring Nikumbh. Azam says Nikumbh went home. Yamini says I have to talk to Nikumbh. Raghavendra calls Yamini again. Dadi asks Yamini not to go to Nikumbh now, go on stage first. Yamini leaves to meet Nikumbh. Raghavendra fumes. Yamini sees Nikumbh leaving and tries to stop him. She asks him to stop but he does not listen.

Raghavendra comes there and hears the announcement, he asks her to come on stage. He scolds her and takes her. Yamini comes on the stage. Everyone claps. The principal asks about Nikumbh. Azam signs no. The principal calls the director on stage. Azam tells Nikumbh left. Principal says you go and try to bring him here, go fast. Director talks to Yamini. Durector shares about his film journey. Azam brings Nikumbh there and he looks at Yamini angrily.

Everyone clap for Nikumbh. The director gives the trophy to Nikumbh, but Nikumbh says Yamini deserves this, she is the star. Nikumbh says I should have understood this when she became a part of my play, anyways, its good. Yamini takes it and tries to talk to him. Nikumbh leaves. Azam goes to stop him. Yamini looks on. Nikum bh does not listen to Azam and leaves. Bhatak lena baawre…………..plays…………..

The press conference takes place and Nikumbh is in very off mood.

Update Credit to: Amena

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