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Baawre 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Yamini telling they won’t dance. Everyone cheer for them and put lights on them. Nikumbh forwards his hand. Yamini looks at him. She smiles and holds his hand. He says forget all the fights now. They dance. He says I m sorry. She says I will teach you dance and shows him. They dance well and look good together. He says its not like I don’t trust your judgement, but I want to do this by my way. She says you are very stiff, losses your body and dance well. He talks about play and she talks about dance. He says we understand each other very well. She smiles and says yes. He says its last day today, let everything go well.

He says I was thinking to gift you this, as we can’t meet again. You can take this book, even if I don’t be with you, this will always be

with you. He expresses his heart and acts to make her smile. She laughs. Its morning, everyone get ready for the play and wear the costumes. Yamini dresses like Shakuntala. Nikumbh looks at the stage and gets emotional. Raghavendra comes doing Yamini’s promotion. The director comes and meets Nikumbh. Raghavendra feels sidelined and gets angry.

The director says I m very eager, who me the play soon. Nikumbh says its feels so proud to perform infront of you, I m your great fan.Azam says the play is ready. Raghavendra says all the best to Nikumbh. Dadi looks on. He taunts him and says the play will be superhit as it has my daughter in it. Nikumbh says yes, true, I don’t know how well will she do, but the heroine of the play is very good. Dadi asks Raghavendra to go. She talks to Nikumbh. She says you will be star tomorrow and will be very successful. Nikumbh says just give me your blessings. He says I have some work, and will meet you later. She says yes, go, all the best.

Nikumbh gets dressed as Dushyant. Everyone come there in their costumes. Nikumbh waits to see Yamini and is happy seeing her. They smile. She asks is she looking good. He says yes. She says you too. He jokes and everyone laughs. Nikumbh says all set, are you all nervous. Hey say yes. Nikumbh encourages them to fulfill their dreams through this play, this is their dream. He asks them to enjoy their act so that the people who see them also enjoys, make them smile and make them connect to us. We have to make them applaud for us. Everyone say they will give their best. Nikumbh says all three cheers for Shakuntala.

He asks them to remember their lines. He asks Azam and Shaheen to do all arrangements. Azam says Allah makes all your dreams true. Yamini looks at Nikumbh. He asks now what. Not again please. She says I m having problem with this, I can’t lie. He says audience won’t like negative end. He says we will know after it. Lets give our best and hope everything goes well. She thanks him and he thanks her. She says she has now become fearless, and can take decision for herself. She says you really made me Shakuntala and brought major change in my life, thanks a lot. He smiles.

He hugs her and asks her to go for the play go. Baawre…………….plays…………….Nikumbh looks at his dad’s pic and gets emotional. The play starts and everyone like it. Yamini’s entry happens as Shakuntala and she acts well. Raghavendra is happy and looks at the director looking happy. Nikumbh comes as Dushyant. He holds her and have an eyelock. Music plays……………. Raghavendra looks at them and thinks of Nikumbh’s words.

The play gets a break. Dadi comes and hugs Yamini and says you did good acting, I love it. Raghavendra says the director is very happy and I praised you, keep acting like this, then see. Yamini says I m happy as you are happy. He says your image building is done now. He says forget everyone now. Yamini talks to herself and says its last day of Shakuntala today, I have to become Yamini again, but I can’t let Yamini win today, even if its against me, I will do as my heart says, I will live only Shakuntala today.

The play continues and Yamini changes the ending.

Update Credit to: Amena

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