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Baawre 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini recording on the last day of the rehearsals. Nikumbh and Yamini do the rehearsals. They both have opposite opinion about the endings. They do their acting so seriously. Shaheen records their rehearsals. Nikumbh scolds Yamini for trying to change the ending. He says Shakuntala and Dushyant will go in opposite directions and then the end. He says lets go again and don’t call the hero atlast, just leave him and go. He asks what happens to you at the end. She says I need to talk to you about play end. He gets a call and goes. Raghavendra is angry and scolds Rastogi asking him to promote only Yamini.

Dadi comes and asks him what is it. Raghavendra tells her that Yamini went against him for the first time and recalls the moments. He says she is changing. Dadi says its good,

whats wrong in it. She says let her go in that world, accept the change and be happy. He says am I any helpless father to accept this. He says I know who is changing her and what to do of him. Yamini talks to Nikumbh about play’s end. He says we already discussed it. She says yes, I was suggesting the happy ending. Jamal comes and asks Nikumbh to come as Nawab Sahab called and wants to talk. Nikumbh leaves.

Azam comes and bumps into Yamini. He asks whats these papers. She says do you have two mins. He says yes. She says don’t tell Nikumbh. Azam says sure. She says she does not like the negative ending. She says I changed the ending according to me. Azam says are you mad, he will be angry if he knows this, if you change it, he will not like it, he can written this play himself. The narrator says Yamini wants a happy ending, but Nikumbh says no, the characters get apart at the end.He says he has a lover in him, who fell in love for first time and he failed and broke. He has that pain in him, I think the ending can bring problems between Nikumbh and Yamini.

Yamini calls Dadi and says I don’t know to tell Nikumbh or not. Nikumbh comes and Azam surprises him with a cake. Everyone claps. It’s a happy farewell cake. Nikumbh says we will cut it together. They all cut the cake together. Yamini tries to talk to him. Everyone dance. Yamini takes Nikumbh. Azam sees Shaheen with Pyaare and comes in between. Yamini talks to Nikumbh and suggests about the end. He says so you were changing the end. She says it’s a love story, it should have happy ending. He asys for me, it’s a story of Shakuntala’s struggles. He says tell me what you want.

He argues and says we won’t talk about this again. They argue a lot. Everyone hear them. Azam tells Shaheen I told Yamini not to talk to Nikumbh about this topic. Shaheen defends Yamini. Azam says everything will be fine, this is not their first fight. Yamini says I want the lovers to unite. Nikumbh takes it on his ego and says this is not a film to have a twist.

They shout on each other. Azam goes to Nikumbh and asks him to cal down as everyone is hearing them. Shaheen goes to Yamini and asks is she fine. Yamini says yes. Shaheen says Nikumbh is always angry and Yamini takes Nikumbh’s side. They have a photo session. Nikumbh is annoyed and both of them taunt each other. They stand and take the pic smiling with the group. Yamini is upset. They both talk indirectly. Azam asks Nikumbh to dance with them. They dance well. Everyone cheer for Yamini. The power goes and lights come on Yamini. Nikumbh walks to her and sees her upset. He gives her his hand and she looks at him.

Nikumbh asks his group to just enjoy, so that the viewers can also enjoy watching it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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