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Baawre 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaheen praising Yamini and Nikumbh to look so good together on the poster. Shaheen praises Yamini for making Nikumbh agree for the play. She says the show should be hit. Azam teases Nikumbh as he says he likes the poster. Azam says initially you used to hut stones on Yamini’s poster. Nikumbh says but the photo came really good, she has also changed me, she made me comfortable while posing for this pic. Yamini asks Shaheen what does she think about Azam. Shaheen says he is my good friend, that’s it. Yamini asks sure? Shaheen says yes, double sure. Yamini asks do you know what he thinks, if he thinks its love. Shaheen says I m tensed now, I will clear everything after play that I don’t love him.

Azam tells Nikumbh that he will tell Shaheen after play. Nikumbh says she

might get annoyed and then out of sight and mind. Yamini and Shaheen also talk the same. Yamini tells about love, as everyone knows how to love, but people make wrong opinion about it. She says the way of love can be tough but the end should be happy. Shaheen smiles seeing Yamini know so much about love. Yamini sees Nikumbh’s pic and says Shakuntala and Dushyant are complete with each other.

Nikumbh talks to Azam and says all love stories does not have happy ending, love opens people’s eyes after marriage, love is nothing, which goes one day. Azam says leave me, I have to talk to Shaheen and closes his eyes. Jamal sees the poster and says Nikumbh he is looking awesome. Nikumbh says take a pic of mine with this poster. He smiles and Jamal takes the pic. Nikumbh says dad will be happy today. Nikumbh and Yamini rehearse their lines of Shakuntala and Dushyant and he says I love you from first sight and she stares at him.

Their acting looks real. They hold hands and say their lines having an eyelock and smile on face. Raghavendra comes there and looks at Nikumbh angrily. Yamini sees him and is shocked. Raghavendra says I brought hot samosas, distribute it. The principal also comes. Nikumbh greets them. Raghavendra tells everyone that this play will be only of Yamini’s and only she will be on the poster, not any Nikumbh or Dushyant. Raghavendra says Yamini is a star. The principal is reluctant to tell Nikumbh. Raghavendra says the play name will be only Shakuntala. Azam asks Nikumbh to talk to them. Yamini asks Nikumbh to talk to the principal as he is the director of the play. Raghavendra comes and tears the poster and removes Nikumbh’s pic. Everyone is shocked.

He says the play will be called only Shakuntala. Raghavendra throws the other half poster. Yamini asks Nikumbh to speak up and talks to the principal. He says what can I say, its your dad doing this. Raghavendra asks Yamini what is her problem, he is doing this for her. He says tell me what is it. Yamini talks to him in anger and he asks her to be calm, else there will be more problem. He asks her not to use her mind. He asks her to do her rehearsals. Azam and Shaheen ask Nikumbh to talk to him, why is he saying in between.

Nikumbh says I m understanding everything and says the show is on Yamini, so we should promote main lead, its amazing Sir, thank you so much that you did the right thing on right time. Yamini understands his plan and also praises him. Nikumbh blinks to Azam and Shaheen and they also join him, confusing Raghavendra for the step he took. The narrator says Raghavendra has removed Nikumbh and Dushyant’s name from the play, but Nikumbh is not insecure about Yamini, he has trust and rights on her. Raghavendra has been made confused now. Nikumbh has to be careful to save his friendship.

The principal says Nikumbh he has showed he does not let anything come in his work. He leaves. Raghavendra tells Nikumbh that he is very smart, he did right agreeing to him. He asks Yamini to pack up and come home. Nikumbh says rehearsals will start in two minds, everyone come in the hall. Yamini stops and tells her dad that she can’t go home, they need me, you go home. She goes to Nikumbh and Raghavendra says she refused me so easily.

Yamini and Nikumbh argue on the play ending.

Update Credit to: Amena

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