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Baawre 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini trying to convince Nikumbh to do Dushyant’s role. She asks him to share what are his feelings. He says his dad brought him in the world and he is the one who broke his dream to be a theatre actor. He told me to be like my brother, and never let me go on the stage. I can’t forget his decision and can’t go against him. She says if he was here, would he stop you, you are important phase of your career, he would have not stopped you, you must try. He says I have failed, I tried a lot. She asks are you ok now. He says yes, I m fine. She says I got flashback of my dad, who used to say same, that day dad took my colors and drawing book, and made me go ahead in music and singing, he did not make me happy.

Nikumbh says I have a phobia of stage. She says you have to come

out of your fear. She says you made me fight with my fears, why is the logic different for both of us, is it your ego. He says you are crossing your limit now, go from here. She leaves. The narrator says he won’t agree, I know him, only one man can make him agree, that’s his father. He is dead now and he has take the key of Nikumbh’s broken heart, he is annoyed, his dad was a govt servant and took part in plays, but why did he keep Nikumbh far from plays, Yamini tried and failed. His pain is very deep. I think this way is like an eclipse.

Yamini talks to Azam and Shaheen. Yamini says don’t know how will we manage this. She gets principal’s message asking can we give the date to press for the rehearsals. She says what to reply him. She gets his call and goes to talk. Shaheen asks Azam is he fine. Azam says yes, this matter is becoming worse, it has to be solved. Yamini comes back and says I m very tensed, I told him about Nikumbh and he is asking Nikumbh to agree in one hour, else he will cancel our play and hire someone else. Azam and Shaheen get upset. Yamini says I think I won’t make Nikumbh agree, it means play cancel.

They see the video again, with Nikumbh and his dad talking. Azam says we did not see this video before, we felt the cassette ended at that point. Yamini asks Azam to call Nikumbh. Azam comes to Nikumbh. Nikumbh says you don’t start now. Azam says sorry is expected. Nikumbh says no, its accepted. Azam says yes, come with me, I have to show something. He takes Nikumbh to show the video. Nikumbh sees everyone there and says I know I should have told before, but I can’t do this role, the play will not happen, this failure is because of me.

Yamini asks him to come and see the video for two mins. He gets puzzled. The video begins from his dad scolding him and asking him to go home. Nikumbh asks why did they call him, to insult him showing this. Yamini says relax, see it further. The video continues. Nikumbh stops seeing his dad call him. Nikhumbh’s dad asks for him in the video, and his friend says he went home. His friend says you should have not scolded your son. His dad says I m doing this to make his future, I don’t want him to waste his life in plays, I will not let Nikumbh become a failure like me, he is very talented, he writes well, does good acting, he is brilliant, he is made to do this, but born in wrong world.

He says I know how hurt I m to stop him, but I can’t spoil his future, but can apologize to him. Nikumbh cries seeing this. Azam and Yamini console him. Nikumbh hugs them and says thanks for doing this for me. Yamini says see your dad would have been happy seeing you on stage, he would be happy to see you are doing for what you are made. Do this for his sake. Nikumbh thinks of this dad’s words. He says you are right, I will do this for my dad, for you all, I will do this play. Everyone is happy. Azam thanks Allah. Nikumbh hugs Azam and looks at Yamini. He holds her hand. Bhatak le baawre…………..plays…………….. He thanks her and they smile looking at each other.

Azam shows the banner of Yamini and Nikumbh as Shakuntala and Dushyant. Everyone congratulate Nikumbh. Yamini says finally…….. Nikumbh says yes, for me, but you might be common to this. She says no, this poster is special, now I learnt that you can’t become a star by singing four songs. He asks then how. She says by being free and daring. He smiles. Azam asks how is the surprise.Nikumbh likes it. They have cold drinks and sweets to celebrate. Shaheen takes Azam’s pic and calls him a monkey. Nikumbh talks to Azam and says this is big phase of my career.

Ragavendra asks the principal what is this nonsense and shows the poster. He asks him to remove Nikumbh’s pic from it, as it already has a star pic Yamini’s. He praises Yamini and says everyone will come to see Yamini, no one else, not even this Nikumbh. The principal says the play name is Shakuntala Dushyant, so we need both pics. Raghavendra says yes, keep the play name as Shakuntala only. He uses his influence on the principal and says this is my final work. The principal says Nikumbh is the director of the play and he will benefit the play. Raghavendra says who is he infront of Yamini. The principal says we can’t decide like this. Raghavendra says then this play can’t happen.

Raghavendra tells everyone that the play name is just Shakuntala and tears the banner into two halves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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