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The Episode starts with Yamini talking to Dadi and sharing her problem. She says I can’t break Nikumbh’s trust and can’t even lie to him. She says Nikumbh understands that I m lying. Nikumbh talks to Azam and says I know she is lying, so I will show her a mirror and ask her to tell the truth. Yamini comes there. Nikumbh asks Azam to leave. She thinks she can’t break his truth. Nikumbh thinks she should tell the truth today. He says Yamini means night, its strange how it covers the world into darkness, everything is hidden in it. Nikumbh claps for Yamini to say congrats. He says when you came here for the first time, I did not trust you, I felt you are afraid and Shakuntala who would fight with the world to get her love, but you proved me wrong and won my trust.

He says move ahead now and see

the mirror. She thinks she won’t say. Nikumbh says now you will tell only the truth. He asks her to look in the mirror and find the new Yamini. She says tell me how is she, what can she be, see her and tell me who is bold and can to any extent to fulfill her dreams, shout and tell the world that you can do anything. Yamini shouts I m wrong. I broke your trust, I have hidden the truth. I m not like Shakuntala, the truth is I did not raise my voice for myself. She cries and says this phone Dadi got it for me, I did not do this. She throws the phone on the mirror and it breaks.

She says I lost. I could not do it. Nikumbh looks at her. Nikumbh asks her not to cry and jokes as crying has many benefits. He says cheer up now, I did this for your good. He gives her a tiffin and asks her to eat, She smiles. She says but I told the truth, I tried much to ask for a phone, but I could not get the phone myself. I wanted to tell you, that I could not keep your trust. I failed. Nikumbh says no, you did not fail. You did not win this task but you won the fight in you, which is more bigger, I did this as I know your eyes show everything. I knew you will say the truth and you proved me right, now I trust yiu more than myself. He smiles looking at her.

She says thank you. Bhatak le baawre……………plays………… He gives her hand to her. She holds his hand smiling. They have an eyelock. He says well done. They smile and leave. The narrator says finally Nikumbh and Yamini are understanding each other. He says now Nikumbh is making the scared Yamini a bold Shakuntala. But in this journey, Yamini’s personality is changing, she is coming out being bold. This is important for both of them.

Yamini comes home and tries talking to Raghavendra. Nikumbh calls her and her phone rings. She goes inside to talk. Raghavendra looks at her. Nikumbh asks is everything fine, did you reach home. She says I reached fine. He ends the call. Raghavendra asks Yamini to come to him. She gets tensed. He says she got busy in drama, but she has to go back in singing after this play ends. He asks her to make tea. She keeps her phone there and leaves.

He looks at her phone being curious to know whom was she talking. Azam and Nikumbh play chess. Yamini brings tea and gives him. He says I read in newspaper that its good to have tea, you also have it. Azam plays on Nikumbh’s phone and Nikumbh takes it phone back. Azam messages Yamini from Nikumbh’s phone.

Raghavendra asks why did she come late, is she fine. She says I m fine, the play date is coming near. He says yes I understand, I have to talk to Rastogi to invite him, go and bring my specs and diary. She goes. He sees her phone and reads Nikumbh’s message asking her not to bring lunch tomorrow, as he will give her a treat. He keeps her phone back. He asks her to spend time with Papa. She says no Papa, nothing like that. He asks about her rehearsals, any problem. She says no, everything fine. He asks is any guy troubling you. She says no.

He says any other thing, you want to tell me. She says nothing. He says you talk so less these days, then what did you talk to Nikumbh that day when you were in riots for 8 hours stuck. She gets tensed. She says I did not understand. He laughs and says don’t hide anything from me. He says don’t explain me, I know my daughter well, be happy and keep phone always with you. I m going out for three days, I will call you, so take my call. He leaves. Dadi comes to Yamini and asks why is she upset. Yamini says nothing. They laugh. Yamini says no one trusts me, but why you.

Dadi says I knew you are bold from inside, I told your dad that she will change your fate, and see it happened. She says you will do what no one imagines. Yamini smiles and says I love you Dadi. Nikumbh asks Azam why did he message, her dad is strict. Azam says hypothetical man, why did you call her then. Nikumbh says hypocritical. Azam asks whats the plan. Nikumbh says the next task will be played by mind. Azam says I will stay far then. Nikumbh says lets see what Yamini does tomorrow.

Nikumbh tells the task to Yamini. Yamini is asked to have non veg. She says whats this, I can’t do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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