Baawre 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh trying to convince the editor of the newspaper not to send the photo. The editor says sorry, this is business. Nikumbh tries to convince him a lot and says he won’t write the column for the paper from now. The editor deletes the article. Nikumbh comes to Yamini and smiles. She asks what happened. Nikumbh says the photo won’t print. They all smile. She thanks him. Music plays………. Azam teases Nikumbh and promotes Laut Aao Trisha. The principal is tensed as the show’s hero is not available. Nikumbh comes and meets him. He tells him that Samrat is not coming for the play as he is in jail. Nikumbh and Yamini are shocked.

The principal says yes, he is in jail, I felt I did a big mistake by trusting you, what will the trustees do, no one will trust me and you then,

its only 5 days left now, where is the solution. Azam says we have time. He says tell me if you can do anything in three hours, else I will cancel the program. Everyone start thinking what to do now, how to arrange a new hero. The narrator says Nikumbh has three hours now to save the play, as its his reputation, pride, hopes, and even Yamini needs this play, a big Bollywood director is coming and it’s a golden key for Raghavendra.

Azam comes to Nikumbh. Nikumbh says this play is important for me, to prove everyone that I can fulfill my dreams, this play was the biggest which could have changed everything. Yamini comes and joins them. She says the play is important for everyone, their dreams will break. She says do the right thing for the team. She comes to the team and says Nikumbh. Azam tells the same to Nikumbh. Raghavendra tells principal that Nikumbh can’t become the hero of the play. The principal says the college will decide this. Raghavendra tries to influence him. He asks then who will become the hero Dushyant, if we cancel this, the director will not come. Raghavendra agrees.

Yamini tells Nikumbh to play Dushyant. Everyone say the same. Nikumbh says I will manage and he scolds everyone asking them to do their rehearsals. Shaheen asks Azam to convince Nikumbh. Azam asks Nikumbh to do the role for the team. Nikumbh gets angry and says no. Azam shouts and says I want to know why, everyone want to know why, everyone worked hard for this play. Nikumbh asks don’t you know why and says end this matter here. He leaves.

Yamini comes to Azam and talks to him about Nikumbh. He says both are right but their mentality does not match. She asks who. He says about Nikumbh and his dad. He shows her a video. Nikumbh’s dad scolds Nikumbh and asks him not to do acting, as he is not an actor. Azam says he wanted him to do a job. She says maybe there was something, Nikumbh does direction and writing, then why not acting. He will be ready to prove him, and play the hero role, if the problem gets solved. Azam says he is very angry. Yamini says I will do what I feel is right.

Nikumbh thinks of his dad’s words and is very upset. He cries and wipes his tears seeing Yamini coming. He says tell everyone to go home. She says so the play is over, it won’t be done now. He says yes. She says you go and tell everyone, as you are the director of the play, as no one understands whats the reason. He says I m not an actor. He says who said that, who will decide it. She says I know the reason, as your dad thought so. He looks at her.

Raghavendra gets angry and cuts the play banner with only Yamini’s pic on and removing Nikumbh’s.

Update Credit to: Amena

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