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Baawre 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra asking Yamini what is best friend Nikumbh for her. She praises him and says he has completely changed my personality. He gets annoyed and says you are straight, you don’t know the world. You be away from him. He gets angry on her and says I should not hear his name again, he is selfish man who wants to use you, you better use him. He says after some days, you don’t have to meet him. She says maybe you are misunderstanding him. He says you will be away from him after the play ends, I m not asking but telling you.

He asks her to go and rest now. She leaves. He calls Aslam and asks him to find everything about Nikumbh. Nikumbh is angry too and tells Azam that he was firing on him verbally and insulting me. Azam says you should have replied him well. Nikumbh says

I kept quiet for Yamini. Azam says your ways will be apart after the play ends, so chill. Azam says even I won’t be able to meet Shaheen after the play, I m thinking to tell her my feelings. Yamini calls Nikumbh and asks what did her dad say. He says nothing, just general. She asks did he tell about me. He says no.

She says fine, I will end the call, thanks for doing so much for me today, come tomorrow before rehearsals, I have to talk to you. Its morning, Nikumbh comes in the haveli and waits for Yamini. She comes to him and says I wanted to ask you did dad tell you anything which I don’t know. Nikumbh thinks of her dad’s warnings. He says no. He asks the same to her. She says nothing. She says I m sorry for troubling you, everything was fine, but I felt you got scolded by him, sometimes he gets angry, but he is a good person. He says I understand, relax, don’t give any explanation.

She says I just wanted to clear it, he is over protective for me. She says for my image and career, he can go to any limit. Azam comes and takes Nikumbh with him. They come to take the engagement photos and come to know a reporter took a photo of Nikumbh and Yamini. Nikumbh says he is not a right man. The reporter calls Yamini and says I have your pics. She says yes, send me. Yamini is shocked to see the pic and Nikumbh and Azam too see it. Nikumbh says he will use this pic now, any paper will buy this, we won’t care but Yamini will get into problem.

The reporters blackmails Yamini and asks for money. Shaheen asks who was it. Yamini says reporter is blackmailing me, but I will not lose out. They go. Azam says this is blackmailing. Nikumbh says Yamini should not know this, she will be worried. Pyaare calls Nikumbh and says Samrat did not come today. Nikumbh says go and get him.

Aslam gives Nikumbh’s details to Raghavendra and says he is very good guy, from a good family and good values. Raghavendra asks him to keep an eye on Nikumbh. The narrator says what will happen if Raghavendra sees the pic in the newspaper, Yamini will come in problem. Shaheen asks what will he do going there. Yamini says Papa won’t leave me if he sees the pic, its my mistake shown in pic, Papa will kill me. She says for you I m a star but I know how I came to this place, I have kept my image well, Id did not wear such clothes to come on Page 3 and Neha backfired on me, but I did not care, but if anyone ruins my image now. I will not let the reporter blackmail me.

They come to meet the reporter and asks him what does he want. He says Rs 50000. Yamini says what. He says I m your fan. Yamini scolds him and says I can go to police. He says I m not doing this for first time, you are celebrity and have to pay the price. He says I will wait only till tonight. Yamini says fine, use the pic and print it, you won’t get the money, you can’t blackmail anyone, do anything with the pic. He smiles and says done, you ended my worry, I was saying if you get into trouble seeing it in paper. He says you both will be famous now.

Nikumbh and Azam come there. Nikumbh scolds him and says I have many friends, I will bring your reality and then see how famous you become. The reporter apologizes to him and Yamini smiles. Nikumbh asks Azam to delete the pic. Azam deletes the pic. The man says I did a mistake, Yamini challenged me and I have sent it to a paper. Nikumbh slaps him.

Nikumbh loses the play hero and Yamini asks him to do the acting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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