Baawre 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra getting angry on Nikumbh. He hears his friend coming and is shocked seeing him. He cries with happiness and hugs him. Dadi meets Nikumbh and says I heard a lot about you from Yamini. Yamini asks Raghavendra how did you like the surprise. He says I felt I knew everything, but I was wrong, I was thinking wrong. She says now please smile. She wipes his tears and hugs him. He blesses her and says you are world’s best daughter. He says Its raining and says make some pakodas. She says sure.

Everyone have a talk. Nikumbh is still there. She tells him that she wants to welcome him well with respect, not like this, to sit in a corner, come and sit with everyone. She says I m sorry, this is not the welcome which I wanted to give you. He smiles. He says I will go I have

work. She says no, have something and go. Raghavendra sees Yamini’s pic and regrets for misunderstanding Yamini. Maa comes to him and sees him crying. She says come, everyone is waiting. He says my daughter is very straight, its good there is nothing like I thought, did that guy go. She says no, talking to Yamini.

Dadi asks Nikumbh to come and eat the hot pakodas. She says he can’t eat spicy food. He says no, its fine and can’t eat the spicy one. She gives him water and Raghavendra looks at them and their friendship. Dadi asks Yamini to see how Raghavendra is fuming. Yamini comes to Nikumbh and tea falls on him. She says sorry and brings talcum powder as the stain will go. Raghavendra sees them together again and Nikumbh says I feel your dad will send me now. She says no, you will be his best friend too as you helped me.

The narrator says Nikumbh came on Yamini’s house for first time and she wanted to make his welcome special, but she is spending time with Raghavendra and Nikumbh partly. It’s a strange time for Raghavendra, if his daughter feels someone else is her friend, its jealousy for a father that someone is having more right than me, someone knows her more than me, he is annoyed now. The power goes. Nikumbh goes to help Raghavendra in putting the fuse. Raghavendra says I know Yamini is afraid of darkness. Nikumbh says not now. Raghavendra looks at Nikumbh. Yamini leaves.

Raghavendra says let me do my work my way, I know it, I don’t like anyone interfering. My anger does not go easily. The power comes. He goes. Raghavendra asks Yamini how did she find his friend. She says with Nikumbh’s help. Raghavendra indirectly insults Nikumbh and Yamini looks on.

Azam calls Nikumbh and asks where is he. Nikumbh says I m stuck at Yamini’s house. Azam teases him and says you changed going to inlaws house. Uncle asks does Yamini like any guy. Dadi says no, I told her but she is slow motion, I will be happy the day she likes anyone. Uncle says you have no idea how will Raghavendra react. Raghavendra comes to Nikumbh and says smoking is not allowed here. He asks his qualification. Nikhumb says I did Masters in English Literature. They have a talk about his father and Nikumbh gets annoyed. Nikumbh also taunts him back. He warns Nikumbh to be away from Yamini after the play ends else he will see his bad side. He asks him not to dream big, as its matter of few days. Nikumbh says after saying so much, now he wants to see his bad side. Raghavendra is stunned as Nikumbh takes his warning lightly.

Nikumbh is leaving. Yamini stops him and asks what did Raghavendra say, did he thank you. He says yes type of. He wishes happy birthday to him again and leaves. Yamini tells Raghavendra that Nikumbh is her best friend which shocks him.

Nikumbh and Yamini are shocked seeing their wrong pics as the reporter is blackmailing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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