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The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Yamini finally finding Raghavendra’s friend to give him a surprise on his birthday. She talks to him and shows his pic. He asks who is this guy. Yamini says he works with me. He says we are friends and she smiles. The narrator says atlast Nikumbh told what he has not told to everyone, a friend, he has accepted Yamini as his friend, but there is a wind in between them, Raghavendra Singh. Raghavendra looks for Yamini everywhere. Yamini asks uncle what happened between them, why they fought. He says for you, I did not have any family, you were as my daughter, you won singing competition and he wanted to send you to academy, which I opposed. He told me who am I to decide for me.

She says but he did not send me. He says yes, I know, but he did not come to meet me

and even I did not, so our friendship got bitter. He says you both talk when there is misunderstanding and smile before fight. Nikumbh says we will come tomorrow morning to take you. Raghavendra comes home and is angry saying Yamini is flying high these days without my permission, she started lying to me. He says I have to see Nikumbh, I could not get him today, it does not mean he got saved. He thinks about Nikumbh and Yamini.

Nikumbh and Yamini come back to the haveli. The driver says Raghavendra came here, he will be angry, hurry up. Yamini jokes and Nikumbh laughs. She says we will talk on phone and leaves. She comes home and sees Raghavendra angry. She asks did you come early. He says why, shouldn’t I. He asks why were you not taking my call. She checks her phone and sees his missed calls. She says I was in rehearsals, so was on silent, I just saw. Maa comes and says Dadi is coming from temple.

Raghavendra confirms her lie again. She says yes, I was in haveli. He gets a call and is shocked. He says I will come. He tells his wife its problem at the site, I m going and will come back to talk to Yamini. Nikumbh is smiling and Azam teases him. Nikumbh says we are friends, like you and Shaheen. He says I went to help her, that’s it. Raghavendra comes home and his wife says Yamini is sleeping, talk to her tomorrow. He gets miffed and says do I need appointment to talk to her.

He comes to her room and sees Yamini is not there. Maa says she does not know. He comes in the hall and Yamini and Dadi sign the happy birthday song. She hugs him ad says you are world’s best Papa. Dadi asks him to smile. Raghavendra says I was talking to you. Yamini says leave it, I planned a special surprise for you, I want to make you meet someone. He says leave it and tell me who is it. Dadi says what attitude, you will know it tomorrow, we are going to sleep, you be here. He says see how daring she became, she is calling Nikumbh to meet me. Its morning, Maa gives him tea. He sees Yamini talking on phone. He gets angry.

Yamini orders the cake and magic candles. He says after doing all this, I m seeing this, its like I m not here, so its important to punish him and make her realize her mistake, she lost my fear, only my rules work here. Yamini comes and greets him again. He smiles and says thanks, will you have tea. She says yes. Maa goes to make tea. Yamini asks about his work tension, take rest at home, I have an idea, go with Maa somewhere to spend time. He says oh really. She goes to Dadi. He sees Nikumbh’s call coming in her cell. He says hello and says he heard my voice and cut the call.

Nikumbh says we are coming now, then we will make them meet. She says great, you come, I m waiting. Raghavendra hears this. Dadi tells Yamini that she did great by doing this. Yamini says Nikumbh did this, I wanted to make him meet too, as he is doing a lot for us. She says Nikumbh is really nice. Nikumbh brings uncle there and says this is their house. Uncle says leave me till inside, I have knee pain. Everyone are in living room, waiting for the surprise. The door bell rings. She smiles and goes to call them inside. She turns and says this is your surprise. Nikumbh walks in first and everyone is shocked seeing him. Yamini too is stunned. Raghavendra walks to Nikumbh and gets angry. Nikumbh smiles.

Raghavendra threatens to be away from Yamini. Yamini stops Nikumbh and asks why is he going.

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