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Baawre 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam talking about Shaheen and teasing Nikumbh with Yamini’s name. Nikumbh says we work well. He says I know when she left without meeting you, you felt very bad. Nikumbh says Yamini matters to me just for the play, we are not even friends, I spend some time and know her well now, nothing else. Maa gives Kada to Yamini. Yamini says she does not like it. Maa says your dad is unwell. Yamini says yes, his mood was bad, does he have any tension, he did not talk to me on the way and went to his room. Maa says actually he thinks…………. She sees Raghavendra and stops saying. He acts normal and asks Yamini to go for her rehearsals.

Dadi shows Yamini her childhood pics. She gives her a perfume bottle and says this itar finished 10 years ago and it still has the smell. Yamini

is glad. Dadi tells her about Raghavendra’s best friend, then they fought and did not meet again, he does not say but did not forget him. Yamini says such a good friend, I did feel he would have friends. Dadi says friendship should be done with death. Yamini says shall we surprise him by making him meet him on his birthday. Dadi says where will you find him. Yamini says can’t I do this for him. Dadi says do you have any friend? Yamini asks how to know when you are a friend to someone. Dadi says when you go out of the way and do something to please and help others.

She thinks about Nikumbh. She comes to the haveli and meets Azam. Azam gives her the road map to make her get to the address. She does not understand. Nikumbh comes and asks what timepass is he doing. Azam says Nikumbh was born there, ask him the way. Azam leaves. Yamini thinks he will ask about yesterday. Nikumbh asks her. She says sorry to leave you like that. She says Papa was worried about his work, else he would have not done this. He says I know this.

He asks what was Azam saying. She shows the pic of Raghavendra’s friend and tells him everything. She asks him did he see him. He says no, never. He laughs seeing her childhood pic. He says I can’t tell the address as I will come with you. She says but why, don’t worry. He says you can’t go alone and no one else will help you. She thanks him. he says its birthday tomorrow, so lets leave now. Raghavendra tells Maa that he knows Yamini used debit card for whom and who is changing her.

He says I told you its someone from play group. He thinks about Nikumbh. He says I m going to haveli and leaves. Yamini tells the driver that she will be back soon, for play work. She is leaving with Nikumbh. Azam comes to tease Nikumbh and pulls his leg for helping Yamini. Nikumbh says think what you want, I can’t send her alone, I m the best man to help her, we work together, we are not friends. Nikumbh asks where is Azam going. Azam says Shaheen called me to meet alone. He takes the sherwani and leaves. Yamini sits behind Nikumbh. He jokes. They leave together.

Nikumbh and Yamini are on the way. Kyun hum tum………… bhatak lena baawre…………….plays………..She holds him and he gets stunned looking at her. They come to small stalls where Yamini did nott come till now. Azam comes to meet Shaheen and sees her talking to a guy. The guy leaves. Azam greets her. He says you did much for me, thanks, take this. She says its yours and will be yours. He says right. He asks who was that guy. She says he was working here. She says Mehnaz and he liked each other, but there was nothing same in our families, so it ended, but its good, my Jija ji is perfect.

Azam thinks and leaves. Raghavendra comes to the haveli and asks the driver where is Yamini. He says she went out with Nikumbh, she is not at haveli. Raghavendra is shocked. Nikumbh and Yamini have tea at a stall and laugh. The tea maker sings a song. She talks bad about Yamini and laughs. The man says don’t say this, she sings well. She says Yamini is his friend. Nikumbh says not a friend, we just know each other. She looks at him. She says a guy and girl can’t be friends. Raghavendra calls Yamini and asks where is she. She says at haveli, He says fine. She says why. He says I thought we will go together home. She says it will take time. He says fine,and ends the call being angry.

Yamini tells Raghavendra that this is your surprise and Nikumbh walks in. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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