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The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Yamini smiling and having an eyelock. Azam asks them to come inside and attend the party. Raghavendra is angry and is on the way to see with whom is Yamini now, he will not leave the guy he spots her with. Yamini compliments Nikumbh. They have a talk. She says I promised Azam and Shaheen I will call you here. She asks him to come out of his bitter past. She asks why is he so stubborn, see once by changing yourself. Nikumbh and Yamini have tea. Azam gets a call from Shaheen and shows her Nikumbh came. Shaheen smiles. He comes and meet Nikumbh. He say congrats,

Azam praises Shaheen’s beauty. She says thanks, but you told me this thrice. Azam says it get sure if said thrice. Shaheen smiles. Yamini asks Nikumbh about his tie. Nikumbh tells about his dad and Nawab Sahab

tying to him, as he does not know it. Raghavendra looks for the address. Mehnaz’s engagement is done and everyone claps. The girls say Sahheen she is next. Mehnaz asks Shaheen is anyone there. Azam smiles. Shaheen says why me, Yamini is elder to me, first find a guy for her, he maybe here. Nikumbh jokes and Yamini gets annoyed.

Raghavendra reaches the party and meets Shaheen’s dad who is his good friend, They have a laugh. He looks for Yamini. He does not see Nikumbh. He sits and calls the waiter, but no one attends him. Shaheen’s dad takes him in the main hall. The announcement is made for special programs. She asks Nikumbh to say the poetry. Everyone claps. Nikumbh says congrats to Mehnaz and Altaf and starts his poetry on Shaadi Ka laddoo. Azam defends marriage. Nikumbh says shut up, sit and listen.

He entertains everyone by his good poetry. Yamini smiles. Azam tells Shaheen don’t take this seriously. Everyone say once more. Nikumbh says don’t take me seriously, I would like to call Yamini on stage, to come here and make the night memorable. Everyone cheer for Yamini. Nikumbh asks her to sing one song. Yamini says no, this is cheating. He gives her the mic. She sings Ye teri meri baatein…………. Nikumbh smiles.

Everyone clap for her and says once more. Nikumbh holds her hand and takes her on stage. Raghavendra sees them together and thinks if this is true, he will not leave Nikumbh. Nikumbh asks Yamini to song full song. She sees Raghavendra and is shocked.

Raghavendra smiles signing her to sing and Yamini continues singing the same song………… He sees her looking at Nikumbh and smiling. His doubts gets deeper. Everyone clap for her. Nikumbh is very happy seeing her sing so well. Shaheen thanks Yamini and says no one will forget this engagement well. Nikumbh talks to Yamini and says I will get mango icecream for you. Raghavendra hears this and his smile goes. Yamini goes to him. She asks you here. Raghavendra beats up the waiter for going by close to Yamini and kicks him saying she is my daughter and he has touched her.

Nikumbh looks on. Raghavendra takes Yamini from there. She turns and looks at Nikumbh. He brings icecreams and gives to Azam. Bhatak lena baawre……….plays………………

Raghavendra comes to meet Yamini and is shocked knowing she is not at haveli and went out with Nikumbh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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