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The Episode starts with Azam and Shaheen’s hald romantic flirty talk. He praises her looks and she too compliments him. Yamini arrives in the party and they praise Yamini too. Yamini says Azam you look good. Azam says thanks, its because of her, she designed this sherwani. She asks him where is Nikumbh. He does not say. She asks is he coming or not. Azam says he will come. He messages Nikumbh and says Yamini is asking for you. Nikumbh is tensed. Raghavendra gets ready and says I m going at Shaheen’s house, I got invitation, I will catch Yamini red handed with him, he might be thinking I m sleeping here, tell Yamini I won’t be quiet.

He talks to the driver and asks him to drop him where he left Yamini. He scolds his wife and leaves. Everyone take pics with Yamini knowing she is famous singer.

Yamini waits for Nikumbh and thinks come and save me from all this. The girls meet Azam and asks is he Shaheen’s friend. He says yes. They ask what do you do. He says recharge, I have mobile repair and recharge shop. Shaheen comes. They embarrass him and laugh. Shaheen feels bad and scolds her friends. She asks them to apologize to Azam. Azam says its ok. Shaheen takes Azam with her.

Yamini calls for Nikumbh. Azam thinks what Nikumbh said about Shaheen and says he was wrong. Shaheen asks what. He says he is late, Yamini is waiting here. She asks Azam is Nikumbh coming or not. Azam says don’t call him, if he has to come, he will else not. Nikumbh walks on the road thinking. Ruke ruke se hum hai……………plays……………. Yamini keeps calling him and rejects her calls. Bhatak lena Baawre…………..plays………..

Nikumbh comes to the haveli. Jamal asks him why did he come at this time. Nikumbh asks about Nawab Sahab. Jamal says he went in a party. Nikumbh stays alone and sits being upset. He writes a story about two lovers. He realizes that he does not know the meaning of a promise, about words said to someone. He tears the paper and leaves it there. Bhatak lena baawre……….plays……………. Raghavendra is on the way.

Yamini asks Azam is Nikumbh fine. Azam says yes. Shaheen asks Yamini to come with her. Yamini asks Azam to tell her what is the matter. Shaheen says he will come. Yamini asks Azam to tell the truth. Azam says I told you, Nikumbh won’t come. Shaheen asks Yamini not to get tensed as he will come. Azam says I will try. Yamini says no, I will win this bet, he will come himself, he has to fight himself and come. She asks Shaheen and Azam to attend guests and says I know how to bring Nikumbh, he will surely come.

Yamini messages Nikumbh and asks him to come reminding him of his promise. He thinks about his girlfriend who married someone else and he went to say congrats to her on her marriage. He thinks about Yamini. Shaheen and Azam ask Yamini to leave the hope now. Yamini says I m thinking to go home, its late. She says Azam you win the bet, I will leave now. She leaves. Azam goes with her and says I will take an auto for you.

Azam tries to stop the auto and it stops. Azam sees Nikumbh in it. Nikumbh comes there well dressed and with a bouquet. Yamini smiles. He gives the flowers to Azam and hugs him smiling. He says sorry. Azam says you came for Yamini, not me, fine, you came. He gives the bouquet back to Nikumbh and asks him to give it to Yamini. Nikumbh talks to Yamini and smiles. He says sorry I got late. She says its fine. She calls him Bhondu and its fine to come late as they are friends, so she will always wait for him. Music plays as they look at each other and smile. Baawre………….plays………..

Raghavendra is on the way and says I will not leave that guy today. He comes in the party and sees Nikumbh holding Yamini’s hand. He is shocked plus angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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