Baatein yeh kabhi na bhoolna….(pt 15)

Let’s begin…

It has been 5 months that ragini went to Delhi to continue her studies..ragini now has fallen for rohan whichbis still unaware to her
Here rohan wat to say he has became romeo day by day he is deadly missing his juliet

Rohan was working at home.. Sam comes
Sam:hey rohan…
Roh just smiles looking at him
Sam:jab se tumne yahan kaam karna shuru ki hai mujhe tho bhool hi gaya hai.. Ya phir yeh kahoon jabse ragini mili hai
Roh smiles sarcastically :nahi nahi.. Baba sameer apni shadi par jo busy usko kahan apne dosth ki yaad hogi
Sam;i m not busy.. Its u
Roh:me… Ya..u r ryte.. I had went shopping with swara.. I had went candle light dinner with swara.. I had went outing with swara.. I had went boating with swara..i had went movies with swara.. I had went racing with swara.. Sab tho mein gaya tha.. Tu tho bechaara mere ghar pe aake pooch tha tha rohan hai kya.. Tab jawaab kya mila rohan tho swara ke saath ghumne gaya hai.. Jab tumne call ki tho not reach able aaya hoga haina.. Sab kaam tho meine kiya hai.. Tho phir mujhe kaise teri yaad hogi.. Hai na sameeeeeeeeer…

Sam bites his tongue :sooooooooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy
Roh laughs
Sam:tho kaise chal rahi hai
Roh:kya.. Kaam sab theek
Sam smiles mischievously :kaam tho sab theek hi honge… Wat about ur love story
Roh:kya bataaun i m missing her
Sam mischievously :soch.. Soch ke agar ragini ko uske college pe koi aur mila tho
Roh closes his laptop:wat do you mean?
Sam:of ragini loves someone else in college
Roh smiles:she can never

Sam:why so is there any rule
Roh:bcs i trust her…
Sam claps:wowwww…
Sam:ok.. Ragini can never wat if a guy woos her
Now rohan was little tensed
Sam was smiling like an idiot
Roh:now why r u firing me
Sam:ok now i hv to go
Roh:aag tho laga li ab kahan bhaag raha hai
Sam:swara is waiting at cafe
Roh:o…o..ja ja
Sam while going:think abt my words…
Roh throws a pillow on him

Roh was thinking….
Roh goes down and gets into his car

Next day
Here ragini was in college.. She has a frnds karan siya anusha samar
Siya:yaar raagu we both r committed why don’t you get into a relationship
Rag smiles
Anu:phirse woh smile
Siya:waise why dont you think abt karan
Rag:he is my friend nthng else.. And again dont start this puran
Anu:wat is wrong with it
Rag:nthng is wrong in it bt i don’t want to
Karan comes:wat hpnd guys
Samar:yes.. Wat hpnd
Rag smiles:nthng
(rag didn’t reveal to her frnds that she is engaged)
(Karan has a crush on ragini..)

Anu siya run behind ragini
Anu:so you dont hv any guy in your mind
Rag remembers Rohan.. She smiles widely
Si:look… Rag is blushing
Rag:no.. I m not
Anu:tell us raagu who is he
Rag:no one
Si:ok so u r not telling
Rag:nthng like that..
Anu:ok lets go to canteen
They 3 goes to canteen

They were talking randomly
Samar:hey anu
Samar:looks like a new guy gonna join our college…
Anu siya:new guy
Rag:so wat
Samar:girls are drooling over him
Anu siya:so we should also check over him
Rag:oh god.. Samar why did u tell this
Samar:bcs i m loosing my charm infront of him
Anu:ohh.. Baby is loosing charm….
Samar glares her
Siya:let’s go and check on him yaar
Rag:u ppl go.. I m not gonna come
Anu:is it
Siya and anu both drags her
Rag:why me…

They goes and sees bt there was none
Siya:samar where is he
Samar:i think he went to princi
siya:lets go and stand outside the chamber

Rag:i m not… Before she could complete.. They drag her

They stand outside the chamber
Rag:wat vl he think
They wait for 20 mins
Anu:he still…
Rag:ok let’s go then..
They turns to go
At the time they hear a door opening sound so they turn….
Rag was shocked… Anu and siya smilingly wide their eyes
It was none other than Rohan
Rohan smiles
Anu audible to ragsi:he is so handsome yaar
Siya:exactly… And hot too..

Roh comes forward to them
Rag closes her eyes that the truth will be out…
Bt he directly goes from there smilingly
Rag opens her eyes and was shocked
Anu and siya were telling abt his looks… Rag felt uncomfortable or to say that she is jealous

Rag gets thinking:why he came here…
They goes to their class
At the time an announcement that every students should gather on college auditorium
All gathers…
Rag was still confused..

Princi calls rohan on stage he goes
Prince:hello students.. You must be thinking why i hv called you… This is Rohan Malhotra Managing director of Malhotra co.. You may be hv heard it.. He is my student before wn i was teaching him in school..he came here to meet me and for campus interview… You can get an opportunity to get big jobs in all over the world… They hv their branches everywhere in the world.. So tomorrow he is gonna take camous intrview at sharp 10 am so be ready.. They goes..

Everyone discuss abt attending campus interview
Rag was jealous that anu and siya were continuously talking abt him
Anu:i m definitely gonna attend this interview atleast i vl get a chance to talk to him
Samar;interview mein
Rag couldn’t control now:you both r committed and boyfriend ryte then y u want him
Siya:why r u talking like he is your boyfriend or fiance
She angrily goes
Anu:i hv never seen raagu like this yaar…
Siya:me too

Rag goes on talking herself:everyone everyone are eyeing on my Rohan… Wait wait my Rohan.. Absolutely he s mine Afterall we are soon getting married he is my fiance.. She dashes with someone
Rag:sorry.. She goes
Voice:excuse me
Rag turns:waat

Its rohan

He smiles
Roh:any prblm.. U look frustrated
Rag:no.. Nthng
Roh: i m ur frnd ryte.. U can tell me
Rag:nthng like that.. Ok i hv class see u later
She goes
Roh:wat hpnd to her??

To be continued…

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