Baatein yeh kabhi na bhoolna…. (intro and pt 1)

Let’s begin with my new ff intro and chap one…

A boy around the age of 13 was searching someone in the whole house then he goes to terrace and sees 2 girls standing their back was faced to him…

Boy: shona do… Raagu di…u both are here i searched u everywhere…

They both turns and they are revealed to be swaragini
Swa: wat hpnd chotu?
Rag: any breaking news reporter Adi urf chotu
Adi; ha… The news is….i heard mom dad talking abt
Swarag: abt
Adi smiles: u both marriage… Marriage Alliance came for u both…
Swarag: wat???
Rag: swa wat vl u do now…
Adi: are u hiding something with it brthr
Rag: swara…u told me half and im confused plzz say…
Adi: for now headlines bcs… Hitler yahan ghoom raha hai
Rag: chotu…
Adi: sorry dad is roaming here and there…
Swarag smiles
SW: headlines is sameer proposed me…
Rag adi: wat????
SW: yes
Adi: wat u replied?
SW:i too said i love you too….
Ragadi both are shocked…
They hear a foot step its shekar

Shek:u 3 here
Swaragadi smiles faintly…
Shek: its nice..i came to talk to u swarag
Janki comes…
Janki: we selected boys for u…
Swarag looks at eachother shocked…
Shekar: they vl come…i mean swara they select u in ur photo itself… And ragu for u they vl come to see u this Sunday…
Swarag: wat???
Janki: wat?? And swara… And boy family will come next week as they are busy
They goes….
SW: ab mein sameer se kya kahoon…
Rag; mein kya karoon
Adi: ragu di whyr u tensed… As want arranged marriage right…
Rag: ya… It’s very nice… From childhood i wanted to arrange marriage….
SW: bt me love marriage… Now
Adi: don’t worry… Vl see when they vl come to see u….

Precap: boys entry

Guys… In this fan fiction… There will be other heroes …i choosed bt i want ur suggestion… And i vl give importance to both swaragini…. If it’s boring i will discontinue it….

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  1. Wow with different hero that’s nice.
    It’s good for change.
    continue soon.

  2. A.xx

    Amazing and loved it wonder what Ragini is hiding xx post soon

  3. this time raglak plz i love all ur ff bcus i love tejasswi but really missing raglak plzzzzzzzzzz

  4. plzzz be raglak I Temish bcoz I love Temish so much plzzzz give namish O god next part soon don’t be late

  5. Wowwwww amazing plz continue

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  9. Interesting and I want Parth samthaan for ragini plzzzzz

  10. Venni

    Superb..hope this one also ragsan

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    wowww one more ff amazing

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    awesome dear….

  13. Suppprrrbbbb 1mr ff ths time hope so raglak wl i love raglak nd ragsan both cntinu dear wtng fr nxt updt sn

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